Asphalt Repair

Due to environmental conditions, chemicals, and general wear, all asphalt requires periodic maintenance to minimize the deterioration and damages endured over time. Early detection and repair of asphalt deterioration or failure is essential for extending the life of the pavement. Areas that are not maintained correctly or in a timely fashion will develop into costly future repairs. Proper and timely repairs such as crack sealing and patching can minimize and help avoid such costly future repairs, make for a safer and more attractive environment, and extend the life of your asphalt asset.

The Surface Masters offer a full range of asphalt repair services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, including Marietta. Our asphalt repair services include minor pothole and crack repair to repairing extensive sections of your parking lot or drive.

Pothole Repair:

Asphalt patching is a common maintenance procedure. In areas where pavement has deteriorated and/or cracked, water seeps beneath the pavement and begins to break down the subbase resulting in the formation of unstable asphalt and potholes. The affected areas are saw cut, removed, and compacted with new hot mix asphalt. Typically potholes are small, but the same method of asphalt repair can be used to address entire sections of pavement that have fallen into disrepair.

Crack Repair:

Crack repair is essential in the pavement maintenance process and in fact, is the first-line of defense against the degradation and eventual failure of the asphalt. Cracks allow moisture to penetrate beneath the pavement which erodes the subbase causing further deterioration such as potholes. Crack seal is a rubberized joint sealant which is heated and applied to cleaned and prepared cracks at roughly 400 degrees. This material is designed to expand and contract with the pavement and is a reliable asphalt repair technique for keeping water out of the pavement structure.

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The Surface Masters Atlanta asphalt repair team offers quality results in a timely and efficient manner. If your asphalt pavement has cracks, potholes or large areas of asphalt in need of repair, don’t delay! Protect your asphalt investment with The Surface Masters.

Our Atlanta asphalt repair area of service includes the entire metro region, including Marietta. Call us at 770-250-6392 or fill out the Quote Request form for a fast response from The Surface Masters team.