Is coal tar safe?

Over the years, there has been a great deal of publicity over the dangers involved with coal. From statistical data on the correlation between respiratory disease and coal mining to surveys of the air quality in areas using coal for residential or industrial purposes, the picture has been drawn of coal as an undesirable material. Therefore, when some people hear that refined coal tar is commonly used in asphalt sealants, they worry whether it is safe.The short answer is “yes, it is safe.” Repeated air sampling studies have determined that asphalt sealers containing refined coal tar pose no inhalation exposure risk. This applies to the public at large as well as those you apply or manufacture the product. It does not matter whether the sealant is freshly applied or many years old.Much of the public’s confusion over coal tar in asphalt sealants goes beyond the general image of coal as “bad.” It is true that unrefined coke oven tar poses a risk to humans if they are chronically overexposed, meaning 30 years of eight-hour workdays and five-day workweeks. However, refined coal tar sealants are not the same as unrefined coke oven tar. Neither the Environmental Protection Agency nor OSHA has concerns that refined coal tar sealers pose a health risk to the public.

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