Does crack filling really work?

Asphalt paving can usually be fixed without extensive cost or inconvenience. Cracked asphalt can be filled and sealed, especially if the repairs are made before water filters through the openings and harms the lower layers. Nevertheless, customers still want to be assured that repairs will improve the condition of their asphalt and lengthen its life.

The Federal Highway Admission (FHWA) and the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) were also concerned about the success of filling cracks to stretch the life of asphalt; these organizations supported research to evaluate filling and sealing maintenance. In 1991, investigators observed multiple sites where asphalt was repaired and concluded that filling cracks can enhance the lifespan of asphalt.

Unfortunately, some contractors perform asphalt maintenance incorrectly, so customers are not satisfied with the results. Therefore, it is crucial to use a licensed asphalt specialist who can perform crack repair properly. A shoddy job can lead to more extensive repairs and make it difficult to utilize your surface.

The Surface Masters, an asphalt and resurfacing company in Marietta, Georgia, has extensive experience repairing cracks in parking lots, driveways, roads, and court surfaces. Our contractors perform onsite evaluations to assess how to best repair the cracks on your damaged asphalt. Many companies do not regularly resurface courts, so using a company with decades of experience repairing courts will ensure your sports surfaces are ready when you need them. Our contractors will measure cracks, ascertain whether they are likely to expand, and decide on the appropriate filling material.

Our crack filling maintenance is one of our many services; we also offer sealcoating, line marking, sports court resurfacing, tennis court resurfacing, and other asphalt maintenance to meet our clients’ needs. Call 770-250-6392 to talk with our staff, or ask for a free quote.