How important is Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Marking?


Did you ever try to park in a lot that had no markings? If so, you probably encountered vehicles that were parked at every imaginable angle, depending on how each driver interpreted the “best” way to park. You would have had difficulty identifying the parking spaces for the disabled, no-parking zones or fire lanes. You might have found your passage blocked by oncoming traffic if you chanced down a one-way aisle in the wrong direction. On a large lot, you might have had trouble identifying exits from entrances. In short, it would have been a disorganized, confusing experience.Now think about the appearance of the lot. Was there anything visually appealing about it? What was your impression of the property owners or managers? Did they seem like people who cared about the safety of their visitors, were attentive to detail or valued their reputation? Was your impression that they were trustworthy, stable and ethical?Rightly or wrongly, people tend to form an opinion about your character and the quality of your services based on factors that may seem inconsequential to some property owners. The condition of your parking lot is one of these factors. At times, they might not even realize that they are reacting to the poor markings on your parking lot when they find themselves examining everything (and everybody) on the interior of your business in much greater detail. They may be more demanding, more critical and harder to please.

Pavement markings and line striping is an economical solution to creating a more inviting parking lot. New paint can go a long way to making an older lot look fresh and attractive as well as safe. Updating the pavement markings in your lot can be done quickly, with a minimum of disruption for your visitors. As an added benefit, it can reduce your potential to incur fines for failing to meet local codes or legal requirements for parking lots.

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