If I have to close my business parking lot for sealcoating or paving, what can I expect?

It is highly unlikely that any business owner would greet a parking lot closure with joy, and asphalt contractors are very aware of this. You can therefore expect that your contractor will do everything possible to inconvenience you, your customers and your employees as little as possible.

Work Hours

Asphalt companies are some of the most flexible businesses when it comes to work hours. They often work late at night, early in the morning or on days when their customers’ businesses are closed, such as holidays or weekends. This allows the work to be done when your lot is least busy.

“Piecework” Approach

If your lot is a large one with multiple entrances and exits, your contractor can probably handle the job by sections. For example, it might be possible to close the half of the lot on the north, complete the work and reopen the section to traffic before closing the southern half.

Curing Time

Unfortunately, there is little your contractor can do to accelerate the amount of time that freshly installed pavement must cure before it can support traffic. Plan to keep vehicular and foot traffic away from new pavement until the following day (at minimum). However, it might be possible for your contractor to add additives to the coating so that it will dry faster without compromising quality. Not all contractors offer this option, though, as sealcoated areas can be opened in a matter of hours for pedestrians although vehicles should not be allowed on the newly sealed area until the following day.

The Key

The key to having your parking lot paved or sealcoated with minimal disruption for your business is communication. Discuss exactly what you need with your contractor, and do so in the early stages of obtaining a quote. The better your contractor understands what you require, the better he can tailor a plan to handle your job in the most efficient manner.

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