Is pavement slippery after it has be sealcoated?


Sealcoating your asphalt pavement is one of the best ways to protect your investment and enhance the appearance of your surface. Sealer that has been correctly mixed and properly applied should never make the pavement slippery once the sealant has dried.Manufacturers rarely ship pre-mixed sealant; it weighs considerably more in liquid form than in its dry state, it has a shorter shelf-life and it could potentially spill or leak in transit. When the contractor is preparing to perform a sealcoating job, he mixes the dry sealant, sand and water thoroughly. The amount of each ingredient varies by manufacturer, and even different sealants produced by the same manufacturer may have different recipes.

Sand provides traction, so it is important for contractors to add the correct amount of sand. If they add more water than the recipe requires, it will be impossible to add the proper amount of sand.

Not only will too little sand make the pavement slippery, but it will also reduce the wearability of the sealant. The higher the content of solids in the mix, the better the sealant can withstand traffic and extreme weather.

The proper quantity of sand can offer other bonuses as well as improved traction. It helps reduce glare in harsh sunlight, and it can fill in minor dents or scratches in the asphalt to improve the appearance of the pavement’s surface.

For most surfaces, the amount of sand recommended by the sealant manufacturer is more than sufficient to keep the pavement from being slick. Sometimes, however, the sealant may need a little more help. If that is the case — such as an access road that is built on an excessive slope — the contractor usually cannot just add more sand to the mix. Instead, sand is applied separately on top of the freshly applied sealant. Broadcasting sand over wet sealant increases the traction without compromising the mix.

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