How many coats are necessary when sealcoating?

When selecting an asphalt contractor, customers may discuss their projects with neighbors or friends. Input from multiple people may alert them that similar projects may require different amounts of material. When sealcoating asphalt, paving may require one, two, or three coats. The number of sealant layers is determined by past maintenance, traffic, and usage. Contractors also assess the current condition of the asphalt.

Sealcoating helps preserve asphalt against the sun’s rays, oil, and weather. Like many coatings, including paint, sealant dries better if it is applied in thin layers.

Sealant improves the paving’s appearance and enhances safety. While safety and attractiveness are important for roadways, parking lots, airports, and driveways, they are especially crucial for sports courts. Unlike surfaces that are primarily designed for vehicles, people run, jump, and move quickly on sports courts; thus, minimizing cracks and preserving smoothness can help prevent an injury.

The Surface Masters, located in Marietta, Georgia, has contractors who are skilled in sealcoating surfaces that are used for sports-minded individuals and vehicles. No matter the type of asphalt project, they will visit the site to observe all factors that can affect the number of needed sealcoat layers. Most surfaces require two coats, but infrequently used areas may need only one. Excessive cracks or infrequent sealcoating may cause a project to need three coats. Our contractors test layers to make sure they are dry before applying additional coats.

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