Potholes are a problem…how do I fix it?

No matter how diligent you are about having cracks in your asphalt pavement repaired promptly, keeping your surface sealcoated or restricting load limits, potholes can sometimes appear. When they do, you need to have them professionally repaired to protect the integrity of your remaining pavement.

There are five options available to asphalt professionals for repairing potholes.

• Throw and Go: This is the least costly type of repair, but it is only a temporary measure. Therefore, you might be better off to use a different method if weather conditions permit. However, if all you need is a temporary fix, or if the conditions do not allow a different method, this is certainly a viable option. To make the repair, cold-mix asphalt is added to the pothole and spread onto the surrounding pavement. Nothing more is done; the method relies on the weight of passing traffic for compaction.
• Throw and Roll: In terms of durability, this method is similar to “throw and go.” Elements of the repair are identical with one exception — the repaired area will be compacted at the time the cold-mix asphalt is applied.
• Skin or Bandage Patch: If you have seen a strip of asphalt that reminds you of an adhesive bandage placed atop the pavement, you have probably seen a skin patch. Hot-mix asphalt is spread over and into the damaged area to seal it. Although this method is certainly longer-lasting that either of the cold-mix options, it is far from a permanent repair, and it is not the most attractive option.
• Infrared Repair: Infrared technology is a relatively new concept in the asphalt industry, but it provides an extremely attractive, permanent and “green” repair. Infrared heat is used to make the asphalt in and around the pothole soft enough to be worked. New asphalt is added and blended into the area. With a skilled crew, no noticeable edges will be seen, making this a good option for properties requiring the best appearance possible. Because the repair has been worked into the existing pavement, this method provides a permanent solution. However, it is not a suitable method of repairing asphalt that involves a failure of the foundation.
• Remove and Replace: Another type of permanent repair, “remove and replace” is the only method recommended if the foundation needs to be repaired. With this method, four to six inches of pavement is removed, the base is repaired and then new asphalt is applied.

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