Why are there scuffs on the pavement after asphalt sealcoating?

When asphalt is newly sealed, tire scuffing is practically guaranteed to occur. Scuffing is at its worst during the first month after sealant is applied and more common during hot, humid summer months. Although they may be somewhat unsightly, they are very temporary, and within a couple of months, they will disappear.

Scuffs are simply the result of displaced sand, and they will quickly wash away. They typically do not penetrate the top layer of sealant. Virtually all scuffs are the result of tight maneuvers or tires rotating while the vehicle is braking or stationary.

However, although some scuffing is to be expected, it is possible to minimize it. Keep the area closed to traffic for as long as possible, because the sealant will become harder and more scuff resistant with every day. This is especially important for surfaces that receive a great deal of traffic from heavy vehicles, such as truck stops or shipping terminals. Avoid making hard, fast turns, stationary turns or turning while braking. Although total vehicle weight is important, the weight per tire can also contribute to scuffing if the total weight is not evenly distributed. This can happen whether the vehicle is a compact car or an 18-wheeler.

It should be noted that scuffing is not only to be expected, but it is also proof that the sealant is not too hard. Asphalt sealants are supposed to be flexible so that they can bond properly and perform their intended function. If the new sealant is impervious to tire scuffs during the first few days after application, especially if the temperature is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the sealant is too hard.

If the sealant has the opportunity to endure both hot and cold temperatures, it will cure better. Once sufficient curing has occurred, the sealant will be far less likely to show scuffing. However, during extremely hot weather, it may still be more easily scuffed than during the winter months.

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