What cost can I expect for paving a driveway?

Estimating the cost of installing a new driveway is a complicated calculation that requires factoring in a variety of factors. There is just no good way to offer an estimate that would be halfway close without knowing all of these different factors. Here are some of the questions that contractors must find answers for to provide an accurate quote.

• What is the exact job location? It will be necessary to bring in truckloads of asphalt as well as all of the tools and heavy equipment needed for the job. The distance traveled — and the time required to make the trip — equate to costs, and the closer you are, the lower these costs will be.
• How much work must be done to prepare the site? Installing asphalt correctly requires building a strong foundation, making sure that the pavement will drain well and leveling the area. Obstructions that must be removed. The less preparation required, the less your driveway will cost.
• Is the entire site able to be accessed by the heavy equipment? If the asphalt must be installed manually, your driveway will be more expensive. This is because it will take longer to complete the job, driving up labor costs.
• What is the total cost for all materials needed for the job? The primary cost will be for the asphalt, which the contractor can compute once he has accurate measurements. However, other materials, such as for building the base, must also be considered.

If you are considering having a new driveway installed, your best option would be to schedule an appointment for a contractor to conduct an inspection. He or she can then prepare an accurate quote that is based on your specific job, rather than offer you a “guesstimate” of costs.

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