atlanta tennis court resurfacingAsphalt and concrete tennis courts are easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Typically, tennis court surfaces should last roughly 5 – 7 years depending on the amount of play before they should be maintained and resurfaced again. In order to preserve a competitive playing surface and appearance, tennis courts need to be periodically maintained to restore the surface, color, texture, and game lines. Those services include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Root removal
  • Crack Repair
  • Leveling
  • Resurfacing and Color Coating
  • Game Line Installation

Crack Repair and Leveling

It’s absolutely imperative to repair all cracks, low spots, and depressions before resurfacing and color coating your sports surface in order to prevent moisture getting beneath the surface as well as averting all standing puddles and uneven playing grounds. As time goes by, it is common for athletic surfaces to crack and develop low spots from weathering and settling over the years. The Surface Masters ensure smooth, level, and safe playing surfaces by offering premium crack fillers, sealants, and patch binders which properly cure and restore such defects.

Resurfacing And Color Coating

The Surface Masters initially apply a 100% acrylic resurfacer which is used to smooth and level the original surface as well as hide small imperfections. Following the necessary surface preparation, our specialists can then install a wide range of colored sports surface coatings. In order to satisfy our clients’ designated wants and needs The Surface Masters offer multiple types of sport surface coatings that are available in 9 different colors. Such applications range from coatings with or without sand for traction purposes to rubberized coatings which provide resiliency and flexibility for absorption and planting functions. From here our clients can customize their sports surfaces to satisfy personal preferences. Following the completion of your sports resurface, we can apply a clear protective coat which extends the life of these sports coatings.

Line Striping

After the resurfacing and color coating process is complete, our team will stripe the lines accordingly to your sport surface with premium line paint which is available in a smooth or textured finish. By using high precision tools and instruments, we ensure nice, crisp lines and edges for an accurate playing surface.

For unmatched quality and customer care, call on The Surface Masters for your Atlanta tennis court resurfacing needs. We offer Tennis Court Resurfacing Services throughout the metro Atlanta area. Contact us at 770-250-6392 or fill out the Quote Request form for a quick response from our team.