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Asphalt Milling Services In Atlanta, Georgia

Asphalt Milling Service in Atlanta, Georgia 

Asphalt milling is a useful service that plays a role in many kinds of pavement improvement projects. While not as well-known as other paving services, milling can benefit properties in many ways. The Surface Masters is proud to offer asphalt milling in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

What is Asphalt Milling?

Atlanta asphalt milling is a destructive process that removes several inches of an existing pavement surface. Depending on the project’s needs, contractors can mill pavement to specific depths while leaving the foundation and sub-base intact.

Also known as “cold planing,” milling involves grinding away asphalt to an exact depth, creating a rough but level surface to prepare for major improvement projects.

How Does Atlanta Asphalt Milling Work?

Asphalt is a tough material, so the milling company you hire will utilize heavy-duty equipment to get the job done. After determining the depth appropriate for the project, teams will use a special milling machine.

These machines have rotating drums equipped with sharp cutters. Despite how hard and durable asphalt is, those cutters break apart the material with impressive precision.

Teams then collect the milled asphalt and transport it to a recycling center. Milled asphalt is a great aggregate for new asphalt, ensuring your old pavement gets a new life elsewhere.

What Types of Projects Benefit from Milling in Atlanta?

A seasoned asphalt milling company can use this technique to prepare for many different projects. The most common is resurfacing. In those cases, milling removes upper layers of damaged pavement to make room for smooth new overlays.

That’s not all Atlanta milling can do.

It also plays a role in leveling projects. Asphalt milling contractors often use machines to remove bumpy or uneven pavement, allowing teams to apply new material. This tactic is common for fixing uneven transition points, correcting elevation issues for better drainage improvements, creating rumble strips and more.

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Milling?

Hiring an asphalt milling contractor is beneficial for many reasons. First, this process is necessary when the goal is not to remove pavement entirely. Full reconstruction projects are costly, requiring full demolition and excavation. 

However, asphalt milling helps preserve part of the existing pavement. If the foundation is in good shape, resurfacing with new overlays is much more cost-effective. Milling prepares pavement for that process, ensuring an even new surface with a matching thickness.

Atlanta asphalt overlay services are also eco-friendly. Milled asphalt is recyclable, paving the way to cleaner asphalt production with a much lower environmental impact.

Finally, milling is fast and less disruptive. The milling machines work efficiently to remove as much asphalt as required, and property owners can open up the service to traffic immediately afterward if nece


Full Depth Reclamation, also known as Soil Stabilization, is a cost-effective process that can be used to recycle or replace failed asphalt pavement surfaces. Soil Stabilization is appropriate when the existing pavement is damaged and cannot be rehabilitated with simple resurfacing or the existing pavement distress indicates that the primary problem exists below the asphalt surface in the base and/or subgrade.

This process rebuilds failed and worn-out asphalt roadways, parking lots, or any other asphalt surfaces. The old asphalt and base materials are pulverized, mixed with cement and water, and compacted to produce a strong, durable base for either a new asphalt or concrete surface. This process not only produces a very strong base for the new surface, but it also negates the need to haul in new aggregate or haul out old material for disposal. As a result, trucking/hauling traffic is reduced, there is little to no waste to dispose of, and significant cost savings for the new base materials no longer needed.

Because the full depth reclamation process uses the materials from the deteriorated asphalt pavement and, with the addition of cement, creates a new stabilized base, this process is typically more cost-effective and efficient than completely replacing the entire roadway or parking lot from the base up. Full-depth reclamation costs are typically 25%-50% less than the costs of fully removing and replacing the old pavement. The reclaimed base will be stronger, more uniform, and more moisture-resistant than the original base, resulting in a long-lasting, low-maintenance pavement.

Why Choose The Surface Masters as Your Asphalt Milling and Reclamation Contractor?

Don’t trust your milling needs with just anyone. When a project requires asphalt milling in Atlanta, turn to The Surface Masters. We proudly serve property owners in and around the Atlanta area, offering a wide range of services that include milling, reclamation, new paving, repairs, sealcoating and more. 

We’re an award-winning paving and asphalt milling company with many years of experience on thousands of job sites. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re constantly pushing the envelope in innovation, technology and workmanship.

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