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Concrete Curbing Services In Atlanta, Georgia

Concrete Curbing Services In Atlanta, Georgia

Great pavement can provide functionality, improve safety, boost curb appeal and more. But it’s not just a reliable paved surface that enhances a property. The concrete curbing that surrounds it also plays a vital role. When you’re ready to invest in curbing, The Surface Masters is here to serve. We construct concrete curbs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

What is Concrete Curbing?

Look at any commercial parking lot, and you’ll see curbs everywhere. They’re the continuous raised edge that forms a barrier around asphalt paving. Typically, curbs provide some much-needed separation between drivable surfaces and pedestrian walkways, but there are many uses for these design elements.

Property owners may also use curbing to surround island structures, separating paved surfaces from grass or flower beds. Curbs can also make edge trimming and maintenance much easier in grassy areas.

Curbs offer aesthetic appeal, pushing the clean and modern look of paving. However, they also serve many important functions.

Why Do Properties Need Curbing in Atlanta?

There are two main reasons for installing Atlanta concrete curbing.

The first is to establish a physical barrier for vehicle traffic. For roads and parking lots, curbing acts as the perimeter boundaries, telling drivers where they can and can’t go. While not impossible to drive over, they also play a big part in safety.

Curbs can stop slow-moving vehicles from inadvertently driving onto sidewalks, making pedestrian walkways much safer.

The second reason to hire a curbing company is to ensure your paved surfaces can effectively manage water runoff. Curbs act like a gutter system. They work with the pavement’s elevation, collect water runoff and direct it to appropriate drainage systems.

Concrete curbing in Atlanta plays a big part in preventing flooding, standing water and erosion.

What Types of Concrete Curbs are Available?

There are a few different types of curbs available, and a curbing contractor can help you determine which is appropriate for your property.

The most common you’ll see is a standard barrier curb. These structures are highly durable and prevalent in commercial properties. Barrier concrete curbing in Atlanta separates driving and walking surfaces via a near-vertical sloped wall. The slope allows water to flow towards drainage infrastructure.

Next is surmountable Atlanta concrete curbing. They feature a more significant slope or roll, typically featuring a dip on one side to help with water management. They usually appear at transition points, allowing vehicles and pedestrians in wheelchairs to roll over.

Finally, there are monolithic curbs. A skilled concrete curbing company can install these curbs for a smooth transition. They’re not raised, sitting flush against asphalt paving while still offering some visual separation.

How Do Curbing Contractors Install Curbs?

Installing Atlanta curbing requires similar prep work to flatwork and paving. Teams must test, amend and level soil. It’s also important to grade the area, following the same elevation as the pavement to ensure proper water runoff and drainage.

From there, your concrete curbing company can pour the concrete. Depending on the project’s scope, teams might build forms or utilize special machines that pour and shape concrete in one move.

After cutting joints to control cracking, curbing contractors will carefully monitor the structure as it cures. Curing agents and regular misting allow the material to cure slowly, ensuring maximum strength and durability.

Why Should I Trust The Surface Masters with My Concrete Curbing Project?

The Surface Masters is an experienced paving and curbing company that serves property owners in and around Atlanta, GA. We offer many services, including new asphalt paving, concrete curbing, repairs, sealcoating, pavement markings, milling, resurfacing and more.

When you turn to us for new curbs, you can expect top-notch results and service you can trust. Our team is well-trained, and we foster a culture of innovation and excellence that helps us provide finished products that last.

Call The Surface Masters at (770)250-6392 for a free quote. We’re also available through our online contact form or email at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.