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Crack Sealing Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Crack Sealing in Atlanta, Georgia

Over time, even the most well-constructed asphalt surfaces will experience cracking. Cracking is a natural part of the paving lifecycle, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Crack sealing is an important service that protects asphalt pavement from serious damage and foundational problems. At The Surface Masters, we’re proud to offer asphalt sealing services to property owners and managers throughout the Atlanta, GA, area.

What is Crack Sealing?

Sealing is a form of asphalt crack repair that involves covering voids with a flexible material. Contractors typically use hot-applied rubberized asphalt sealer. The material contracts with temperature fluctuations, offering year-round protection while preventing moisture from penetrating the deeper pavement layers.

The service differs slightly from crack filling, another crucial asphalt crack repair service. Crack filler is ideal for non-working cracks, and contractors can apply a sealer to add water protection. But because rubberized sealer is flexible, it’s an appropriate solution for working cracks.

When is Asphalt Crack Repair Necessary?

Crack sealing in Atlanta is necessary whenever you have voids wider than roughly an eighth of an inch wide. All cracks need attention. Any opening in your pavement’s surface is a point of access for water penetration, and ignoring them will lead to quick degradation and issues with your foundation.

Asphalt crack filling and sealing help safeguard paving against future damage. These services also prolong the life of pavement, helping property owners avoid major repair work, early degradation and premature reconstruction projects. They’re an integral part of pavement maintenance.

How Often Should I Invest in Atlanta Crack Sealing?

Experts often recommend allocating funds within a pavement maintenance budget to complete Atlanta sealing every two or three years. However, many properties will benefit from annual sealing projects.

Many contractors perform asphalt sealing as part of annual maintenance. Following an inspection, teams can address all voids to ensure the pavement has protection against the elements throughout the year.

How Does Sealing Work?

Contractors must prepare the surface before any asphalt crack filling or sealing can occur. Trash, vegetation and dirt will interfere with the sealer’s ability to bond, resulting in poor protection and eventual pealing. Teams typically use pressured air and grazer wheels to remove debris from voids.

From there, they can prepare the hot-applied rubberized sealer. Sealing in Atlanta requires specialized equipment that can heat and apply molten product, so it’s not something property owners and maintenance crew can DIY. Contractors will determine where asphalt crack filling and sealing are appropriate, using the correct method to provide the best results.

After application, the sealer needs time to cure. The product typically requires around 48 hours for its initial set, and full curing occurs over two weeks after Atlanta crack sealing.

Why Turn to The Surface Masters for Professional Crack Sealing?

When you want asphalt sealing done right, The Surface Masters has you covered. We’re an asphalt paving and maintenance company with over a decade of experience sealing cracks for property owners throughout Atlanta. Sealing is just one of our services. We also do new paving, repairs, sealcoating, milling and reclamation, resurfacing, pavement markings and concrete curbing.

The Surface Masters is proud to be an award-winning and nationally recognized contractor. We lead the charge in pavement maintenance, developing innovative solutions to keep your paving in good shape.

Reach out to The Surface Masters team at (770)250-6392, Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or through our online contact form to get your free, no-obligation quote for crack sealing in Atlanta today.