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Paving of the Student Parking Lot at Starr’s Mill High School

The recent project at Starr’s Mill High School focused on the comprehensive resurfacing of the student parking lot. The scope of work included milling the existing asphalt to a depth of 2 inches and then applying a new 2-inch layer of 9.5mm asphalt topping. In addition to these primary tasks, the project required re-striping the […]

ABRA Paving and Striping Project

This is the 4th ABRA location we completed in 2017. This particular ABRA asphalt parking lot was in the ladder stages of it’s life cycle and as a result, our estimating team designed a scope that reinvigorated the structural integrity of the parking lot which also projected a positive, clean image of the facility. The […]

Northcreek Office Park Sealcoat and Striping Project

The Northcreek Office Park is comprised of four, eight-story class-A office buildings supplemented with a large, 349,972 square foot asphalt parking lot and 2-story parking garage that added a few hundred additional parking spaces. The project scope included Asphalt Patching, Speed bump Installation, Sealcoating, and Parking Lot Marking Services. The Asphalt Patching and Speed Bump […]

McGinnis Ferry Asphalt Maintenance Project

The Surface Masters were tasked with a large Asphalt Maintenance Project with a last-minute deadline that was also scheduled towards the end of the season which posed additional challenges. Because of the provided deadline, timing, and sheer size of the property, it was imperative to coordinate and execute a precise project plan with the client […]

Kroger Paving and Striping Project

This Kroger parking lot was pushing 25 years old and was reaching the end of its life cycle. As a result, the asphalt was oxidized and brittle with liabilities present throughout the parking lot. The solution was to mill the existing asphalt down approximately 2” and pave back with 1” of PermaFlex and 1” of […]

Century Arbor Place Sealcoat Project

The Surface Masters Sealcoating Team recently completed an Asphalt Maintenance Project at the Century Arbor Place Community. The project scope included Patching, Sealcoating, and Parking Lot Marking & Striping Services. The property consists of 217,856 square feet of asphalt surface area and roughly 500 parking spaces throughout the community. For the residents’ convenience, the sealing […]

Barrow County Board of Education Asphalt Project

The Barrow County Board of Education partnered with The Surface Masters for a 22-school Pavement Maintenance Program. The Asphalt Project needed to be completed during the short summer break in between school years to minimize disruption to the school system and its activities. The project scope consisted of an abundance of asphalt patching at each […]

Heritage Walk HOA Mill and Pave

As the Heritage Walk neighborhood development neared completion, the roads throughout the community needed a refresh from the wear and tear experienced throughout the construction process prior to turning the management over to the HOA Board. The goal was to locate and replace any distressed asphalt in order to bring those areas up to par […]

Broadmoor Industrial Paving Project

The owners of this industrial facility recently expanded their development with the buildout of an additional 85,000 SF industrial building adjacent to their current facility. Given the facilities were constructed roughly ten years apart, this put the two connecting parking lots on different life cycles, creating different maintenance programs for each asphalt asset. Consequently, the […]