Our Mission Statement

To enhance our company, community, and lives one parking lot at a time by achieving complete client satisfaction resulting from constant delivery of high quality, cost effective, and timely resurfacing projects. Additionally, to maintain a culture that fosters innovative solutions, professionalism, growth and “can do” attitudes always with fair and equitable treatment of each team member – internally and externally!

Our Services

Paving & Repair

Asphalt pavement is commonly specified and referred to as the material of choice for the construction of commercial parking lots and roads due to it’s durability, cost effectiveness, aesthetics, and performance. When combined with proper and timely asphalt maintenance, pavement can last many years.

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Asphalt parking lots are a key factor of a property’s value which is why sealcoating is one of the most crucial elements of a pavement maintenance plan. Asphalt pavement, if left untreated, will deteriorate quickly because the asphalt binder, which holds the pavement together, begins to oxidize and weather soon after installation.

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Pavement Markings

A parking lot is typically one of the first things noticed by customers, tenants, residents, and visitors entering a facility. Not only does a freshly and properly marked parking lot help project a positive image for the facility, it also ensures traffic flow efficiency, pedestrian safety, and ADA compliance.

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Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is your pavement’s first line of defense against the degradation and eventual failure of the asphalt by preventing moisture and other harmful substances from seeping into the base layers of the asphalt, where it is likely to cause the most damage.

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Concrete & Curbing

Concrete is the material of choice for many areas around a commercial parking lot. Common areas for concrete construction in a parking lot include curbing, walkways, ramps, dumpster pads, and loading docks.

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Tennis Court & Athletic Surfaces

Asphalt and concrete tennis courts are easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain. In order to preserve a competitive playing surface and appearance, tennis courts need to be periodically maintained to restore the surface, color, texture, and game lines.

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April 16, 2020

The Surface Masters, Inc. was recently notified it has been included on the Atlanta Business Chronicles’ 2020 Pacesetter List which highlights the Top 100 fastest growing companies of Atlanta and the surrounding metro area in 2020. To qualify for the list, companies must be privately held; based in the 20-county metro Atlanta area and not… Read more »

Client Projects
November 10, 2021

The hot asphalt and heavy equipment make Atlanta asphalt paving jobs risky enough, but when you add in vehicles passing near the work area, curious bystanders, the client’s employees or tenants, nearby structures, and buried or overhead obstructions, a risky environment can become downright dangerous. The Surface Masters has always been extremely proactive about ensuring… Read more »