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Pavement Markings, metro atlanta, marietta gaA parking lot is typically one of the first things noticed by customers, tenants, residents, and visitors entering a facility. Not only does a freshly and properly marked parking lot help project a positive image for the facility.  Pavement markings ensures traffic flow efficiency, pedestrian safety, and ADA compliance.

Pavement Markings Atlanta


To help preserve a property’s curb appeal, traffic flow, safety, and compliance, a commercial parking lot should be re-striped on a regular basis. Additionally, re-striping a parking lot is a convenient and inexpensive way to maintain the property value.

New Layout

An efficient layout is essential in creating a properly functioning parking lot. An effective parking lot layout will maximize parking capabilities, increase traffic flow, ensure pedestrian safety, and provide compliant markings per ADA and local guidelines.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all facilities with parking lots meet and/or exceed the parking requirements set forth in the Act. For a parking lot to be ADA compliant it must meet certain requirements such as, but not limited to, the number, size and location of handicap spaces, crosswalks, access aisles, and proper signage. For more information regarding the latest requirements, please contact us today.

Stencil and Structure Marking

Curbing, bollards, light pole bases, and stenciling should also be restriped regularly along with the rest of your parking lot to ensure proper visibility and direction.

Call on The Surface Masters’ well-trained Striping Crews for your pavement marking needs today. Using the industry’s most modern striping equipment, our proven process and experienced operators will ensure an enhanced curb appeal that makes your property look newer and well-maintained.