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Community appearance plays a critical role in maintaining home values as well as attracting and retaining residents. Clean, well-maintained roadways and parking lots within a community directly attribute to the desired curb appeal residents prefer as well as increased property values. Maintaining clean and safe grounds within a community can also be a differentiating factor that helps attract residents to your community or apartment rather than others. Aside from the visual enhancement well-maintained roadways and parking lots provide, they also create a safer environment which lead to better quality of life for the community’s residents.  The Surface Masters is an expert in multi-family & HOA pavement maintenance

Multi-Family & HOA

Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Surface Masters Team provides comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plans designed exclusively per your parking lot needs. The Surface Masters professional evaluations are done by an experienced asphalt maintenance representative and will provide a detailed maintenance schedule and proposal that considers all repair options and budgetary concerns. Research has shown that proper asphalt maintenance can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases, over the life of the pavement. A well-planned, long-term pavement maintenance program should allow you to work within your budget to preserve your parking lot investment as well as project a positive image for the facility.