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atlanta pavement maintenance services for hospitalityHospitality is a very saturated and competitive market that competes on many aspects, however; appearance, comfort, and safety are amongst the many factors that can differentiate the elite from the average. Not only are parking lots a potential first impression for guests, they’re also the most heavily traveled areas within the hotel property. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic remain constant 24 hours a day at such facilities. As a result, it’s imperative to deliver a visually aesthetic appearance while providing a safe travel environment that includes highly visible traffic markings, proper signage, clear direction and organization as well as free of any pavement hazards. Poorly maintained parking lots could act as liabilities and/or eye soars which can negatively affect the company’s brand and image.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Surface Masters Team provides comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plans designed exclusively per your parking lot needs. The Surface Masters professional evaluations are done by an experienced asphalt maintenance representative and will provide a detailed maintenance schedule and proposal that considers all repair options and budgetary concerns. Research has shown that proper asphalt maintenance can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases, over the life of the pavement. A well-planned, long-term pavement maintenance program should allow you to work within your budget to preserve your parking lot investment as well as project a positive image for the facility.