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The Surface Masters were tasked with a large Asphalt Maintenance Project with a last-minute deadline that was also scheduled towards the end of the season which posed additional challenges. Because of the provided deadline, timing, and sheer size of the property, it was imperative to coordinate and execute a precise project plan with the client and their residents throughout the community. The project included milling and paving 5,160 square yards at one of the community entrances, patching 1,298 square yards of damaged asphalt throughout the property, and sealcoating and striping the entire community which totaled 636,831 square feet. The milling and asphalt paving portions of the project were completed prior to the sealing of the property to allow the asphalt to properly cure before being sealed. It’s important to allow new asphalt to cure before sealing because during the curing process the asphalt is releasing agents and strengthening along the way. If sealed before curing is complete, the asphalt will continue to cure and could cause the sealer to fail. With this being said, following the ample curing time, the property was then sealed and striped!

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