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atlanta concrete curbing services

Concrete Curbing Services in Atlanta

Concrete is the material of choice for many areas around a commercial parking lot. Common areas for concrete construction in a parking lot include curbing, walkways, ramps, dumpster pads, and loading docks. Concrete is used in such areas because of its capability to form into various shapes/structures as well as withstand heavy loads.

Dumpster Pads and Loading Docks

Concrete is designed to bear heavy loads and while the upfront cost is typically high, the durability and longevity concrete provides makes it the material of choice for dumpster pads and loading docks that experience heavy loads on a regular basis.

Walkways and Ramps

With the versatility concrete offers, it can easily be shaped and formed to suit your needs in many circumstances while providing a smooth and rigid edge. Walkways navigate pedestrian traffic safely and efficiently throughout a property and often they are not constructed in straight lines. Concrete’s capabilities allow for versatile design and direction for walkways. Entrance ramps must be built to code (ADA and other requirements) as well as meet flush with other surfaces such as an asphalt parking lot or store front walkway. The forming ability of concrete allows these ramps to be constructed per code with a smooth transition from one surface to another. For these reasons, concrete is the material of choice in many cases for walkways and ramps.


Curbing typically is installed on the perimeter of a parking lot, road, or island to navigate water flow towards the appropriate storm drain system. Curb design and slope is important to help keep parking areas, roads, and walkways clear of water to help avoid hazardous conditions created by excess water in these areas.

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