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The Importance of Grading For Atlanta Asphalt Companies

The Importance of Grading For Atlanta Asphalt CompaniesGetting new asphalt paving is an exciting process that will improve your property in countless ways. Not only does it look great, but new asphalt paving in Atlanta can improve property values, provide more functionality and make things safer for everyone. While the process looks simple, Atlanta asphalt companies do much more than most realize to create long-lasting pavement.

One crucial step in the process is grading. Grading plays a vital role in asphalt paving, and it’s something that experienced asphalt contractors will not ignore. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Grading, and Why Do Atlanta Asphalt Companies Do It?

Grading is the process of reshaping land at a site that will have asphalt paving. Contractors approach grading differently based on the needs of the property and the future Atlanta paving. However, there are a couple of primary goals.

One is to ensure the land is level and ready for asphalt paving in Atlanta. Few properties are truly level, no matter how much they appear that way. Bare soil often has low points, high points and everything in between. Grading helps to eliminate those uneven areas, creating a strong and flat surface.

The second reason why asphalt contractors grade sites is to achieve the proper slope for water drainage. Water is asphalt’s biggest enemy. While it can certainly withstand rain, sitting water can cause the material to deteriorate. Furthermore, water penetration through cracks can damage the foundation, resulting in alligator cracks, potholes and more.

Grading helps to avoid those problems, setting your Atlanta paving up for success before it even enters your site.

What Must Occur Before Companies Start Grading?

Grading is an important part of the Atlanta paving process, but there are a few things asphalt companies in Atlanta must do before it happens. The most crucial is excavation. Think of grading as the refining step. Excavation is a form of demolition that gives asphalt contractors a blank slate with which to work.

Excavation work typically involves heavy-duty machinery and earth-moving tools. During this process, teams will remove vegetation and do rough grading. Once the site is fairly level, asphalt contractors can go in for refinement.

How Do Atlanta Asphalt Companies Grade Properties?

Asphalt paving in Atlanta is a sophisticated and methodical process. Experienced contractors will use various tools to get things right, ensuring optimal results and lasting durability. Because water drainage is so important, contractors take extra time to grade the site correctly.

Typically, asphalt companies use a mix of advanced laser-guided equipment and hand tools to get the job done. Some will rely on automatic motor graders, using laser levels to achieve the proper slope and elevation.

Don’t trust your next asphalt paving project with just anyone. At The Surface Masters, we know how to complete projects the right way. In addition to providing smooth, long-lasting results, we prioritize preparation steps like grading to ensure that you won’t have to deal with headaches later!

Our team is well-trained and strives to provide results that exceed your expectations. We’re an awarded asphalt paving company with well over a decade of experience and hundreds of happy clients. You can turn to us for asphalt repairs, milling and overlays, crack sealing, sealcoating, concrete curbing, pavement markings and more.

Reach out to The Surface Masters team at (770)250-6392 today for a free quote. You can also reach us by email at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or submit our online contact form.

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