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What Are The Best Practices For Full Depth Reclamation In Georgia?

What Are The Best Practices For Full Depth Reclamation In Georgia?

Full depth reclamation (FDR) is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to pavement reconstruction. While there are many instances in which FDR is necessary, the most common applications include reconstruction projects to increase pavement’s structural capacity and address foundation issues that cause premature failure.

FRD and soil stabilization are complex jobs, but skilled contractors can produce long-lasting results while saving time, money and resources.

What is Full Depth Reclamation?

Full depth reclamation in Georgia is an in-place recycling method that allows contractors to reuse existing materials to reduce a stabilized base for new surfaces. Traditionally, constructing new paved surfaces with a higher weight-bearing capacity requires teams to excavate and remove asphalt and previous subgrade materials.

However, FDR involves pulverizing and reusing existing materials. Throughout the process, contractors can prioritize soil stabilization to ensure the new pavement has a stronger foundation, all while minimizing downtime and lowering costs.

How Do Contractors Perform Reclamation in Georgia?

The process begins with careful planning. Contractors must determine the right depth. Georgia full depth reclamation can involve pulverizing materials 20 inches or more deep. However, the exact depth of pulverization will depend on the pavement’s current condition, the needs of the new surface and more.

The recommended practice is to take cores throughout the pavement’s length at the center and edges. Cores allow teams to verify material thicknesses and determine the right action. After removing vegetation and moisture, contractors can start pulverizing.

Pulverization occurs with heavy-duty machinery called soil reclaimers. Depending on the desired thickness, teams may perform light milling before allowing the reclaimer to destroy and mix the material.

Experts recommend verifying depth and reclaimed materials throughout. It’s also best practice to overlap longitudinal joints by six inches and latitudinal joints by up to five feet to create smooth transitions.

Are Binders Necessary for Full Depth Reclamation?

Soil stabilization is a crucial part of the reclamation process, and contractors can approach the task in many ways. Mechanical stabilization is suitable for low- to medium-volume pavements. However, surfaces that need substantial structural improvements and higher load-bearing capacities may benefit from chemical or bituminous soil stabilization.

Chemical stabilization involves binding agents like limestone, portland cement, calcium, magnesium chloride and other additives. Meanwhile, bituminous stabilization uses asphalt emulsions.

Stabilization typically occurs before compaction and grading, ensuring optimal strength.

How is Georgia Full Depth Reclamation Quicker Than the Alternatives?

Full depth reclamation in Georgia is advantageous in many ways. Not only are teams reusing material to lower the cost of reconstruction projects, but it’s also a quicker process. Pulverization and soil stabilization are some of the more time-extensive parts of these projects.

However, once the new material undergoes stabilization, grading and compacting, teams can treat the process like any other paving project. The final step is to place the final course of surface asphalt. Like new paving, asphalt will need time to cure, but contractors save significant time in the front end of the project.

The beauty of Georgia full depth reclamation is that it takes a fraction of the time to complete than traditional demolition and removal-based reconstruction. That means less downtime for busy roads and parking lots.

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