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Asphalt Paving In Atlanta - Difference Between A Good Job VS A Bad Job  

Asphalt Paving In Atlanta - Difference Between A Good Job VS A Bad Job   There are several contractors offering asphalt paving in Atlanta. Unfortunately, not all of them can deliver the knockout results you pay for and deserve. Quality can vary from contractor to contractor, but how can you differentiate a good job from a bad one? Here are several subtle but important details you should pay attention to.

How Important is the Thickness of Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

Asphalt paving can have varying thicknesses to achieve different load-bearing capacities. The thickness of the asphalt layer should align with the pavement’s intended use. For example, simple pedestrian walkways only need to be a few inches thick. However, parking lots and loading docks built for heavy-duty trucks must be substantially thicker.

It’s important to discuss the intended use and appropriate asphalt thickness before the project starts. If this conversation never happens with your Atlanta asphalt paving company, take it as a big red flag.

Should Paving Companies Prioritize Subgrade Preparation?

Experienced asphalt companies will spend significant time preparing the subgrade. Asphalt needs a strong foundation to sit on. Depending on your site’s needs, teams may compact the soil, add additional aggregate material and more to achieve the proper load-bearing capacity.

You can often tell if you’re getting good or bad results by paying attention to how long teams spend on subgrade preparation. It should involve more than simple excavation and leveling.

Will Proper Drainage Protocols Make a Difference? 

Standing water is asphalt paving’s biggest enemy. Water can deteriorate the material and create various foundational issues. That’s why experienced companies that know the ins and outs of paving asphalt will spend so much time getting the right elevation for drainage.

Asphalt companies must implement proper drainage protocols from the start. That includes designing runoff trenches, connecting to local drainage infrastructure, etc. If you see standing water on your finished asphalt paving, your contractor didn’t do a great job.

Should Asphalt Paving Companies Use a Primer?

When paving asphalt, it’s wise to use a primer. Primer helps the asphalt layer adhere to the subgrade and whatever materials lie beneath. Without primer, there’s a high risk of crumbling and low long-term reliability.

Pay attention to what your contractor does before paving. Asphalt companies that do a fantastic job will apply primer and allow it to cure for optimal adhesion.

How Should Paving in Atlanta Look at the Transitions?

Last but not least, pay attention to those transitions. When paving asphalt, contractors almost always have transition points to manage. For example, parking lots connect to roads, driveways butt up to garage foundations and streets, etc.

Looking at transitions, you can easily tell when asphalt companies do a substandard job. Those transitions should be smooth, clean and comfortable to drive over.

When you hire a company like The Surface Masters for your Atlanta asphalt paving, you’ll never have to wonder about quality issues. At The Surface Masters, we pride ourselves on delivering award-winning results that last. No matter how extensive a project may seem, we provide creative solutions and quality workmanship you’ll want to show off.

We’re among Atlanta’s best asphalt paving companies, so you can count on us to handle your needs while giving you top-notch customer service. We also do asphalt repairs, reclamation and milling, sealcoating, pavement markings, concrete curbing and more.

Let us show you what we can do! Contact The Surface Masters today to get a free quote. You can use our online contact form, email us at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or call (770)250-6392.

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