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Our team recently completed an intricate Sealcoat and Restripe Project for a CarMax Sales Lot. The project scope consisted of 8,000 lineal feet of crack sealing, 230,000 square feet of asphalt sealing, and re-striping all parking lot markings including 1,079 numbered stencils throughout the sales lot. Due to the sheer volume of vehicles on site throughout the duration of the project, a precise project plan was needed, and execution was critical for logistical and scheduling purposes. Following a detailed pre-construction meeting where we met with the client to understand their operations, a 5-Phase Project Plan was developed and put into action.

The plan divided the project into 5 sections where 1 section was completed per day resulting in a 5-day long project. Each day, CarMax employees would move 50-100 vehicles from that day’s scheduled section. Following the relocation of all vehicles, our team averaged roughly 2,000 lineal feet of crack seal, 50,000 square feet of sealcoating, and re-striping of 220 parking spaces and numbered stencils on a given day. Due to the logistics of the project phasing, it was imperative the Parking Lot Marking Services were completed in the evening hours following the sealing of that day’s scheduled section. This was needed to create enough parking for the following day’s vehicle relocation in the next scheduled lot.

Typically, the Parking Lot Marking Services are conducted a day or so later to allow the sealer to cure to prevent the freshly painted lines from burning. However, knowing how the project needed to progress from phase to phase, the team selected a petroleum-based sealer rather than the standard coal tar-based sealer which allowed the parking lot striping to be conducted the same day without the negative effects. Although petroleum-based sealer only lasts approximately 80% as long as coal tar-based sealer, it was a key success factor in this project moving along per the intricate schedule as well as providing the client with a “green” parking lot resurface project. With the newly sealed and striped parking lot, this CarMax location is displaying a clean, safe, and well-maintained environment which creates a positive company image and car-buying experience for their customers!

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