Can Asphalt Paving Improve Your Property Value?

Although you are probably very familiar with the reasons homeowners are concerned about property values, you may not realize that it is also important to protect or improve the value of commercial properties. On the other hand, you may understand that your property value can help you secure a better selling price or enable you […]

The Effects of Rain on Asphalt Parking Lots

One of the most widely known facts about asphalt is that it has exceptional waterproofing characteristics. Therefore, many people are surprised to learn that rain can have a detrimental effect on asphalt parking lots. Furthermore, the water can inflict damage whether it remains on the surface or penetrates beneath it. How Does Rain Inflict Damage […]

How Do I Compare Asphalt Paving Bids?

Whether you need an asphalt repair, overlay, or a new pavement, it is always best to ask several asphalt paving contractors to submit bids. When the bids arrive, you will probably find that the total project costs are different on every quote. In most cases, the bulk of the bids will be relatively close, but […]

How Long Will Parking Lot Striping Last Before a Re-Stripe?

The stripes and markings in your parking lot are important for several reasons. They make your parking lot safer, help protect you from potential liabilities, enhance your curb appeal, and help you achieve full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Unfortunately, your parking lot striping will not last forever. If you are not sure […]

How Often Is Asphalt Sealcoating Required in Atlanta?

If you have an asphalt parking lot, you may have based your choice on asphalt’s aesthetics, safety, or longevity. However, without sealcoating, your pavement could be at risk of losing all the qualities that you valued when you chose asphalt paving. Asphalt sealcoating is not a one-time treatment, though, so you need periodic applications throughout […]

Is Crackfilling Necessary Before an Asphalt Overlay?

Regardless of the paving material used, no pavement will last forever. In some cases, the only option is to remove the existing concrete or asphalt pavement, then build a replacement pavement. Fortunately, many asphalt pavements can be salvaged by installing an asphalt overlay. If necessary, the procedure for overlaying an asphalt pavement will need to […]

Good Practices From a Professional Sealcoating Contractor

Asphalt pavements are ideal choices for many municipal, commercial, and industrial properties. The combination of a rapid installation, an economical cost, a long life, and the pavement’s aesthetics has helped make asphalt the leading paving material in North America. However, asphalt pavements do need a bit of maintenance to maintain their visual appeal, reduce the […]

How Can I Prevent Asphalt Damage While on A Budget?

Although asphalt pavements are comparatively inexpensive to repair, frequent repairs can quickly add up, and they can also affect the aesthetics of your parking lot. As is normally the case, it is better to prevent damage than to repair it. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent asphalt damage through budget-friendly pavement maintenance procedures. What Are […]

How Do I Evaluate the Capability of an Atlanta Paving Contractor?

The most important person on any paving job is the contractor. Whether you need pavement repairs, routine maintenance, a new pavement constructed, or an old pavement rebuilt, you need a competent contractor. With so many contractors vying for your business, it can be challenging to identify candidates who are right for the type of work […]