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The Northcreek Office Park is comprised of four, eight-story class-A office buildings supplemented with a large, 349,972 square foot asphalt parking lot and 2-story parking garage that added a few hundred additional parking spaces. The project scope included Asphalt Patching, Speed bump Installation, Sealcoating, and Parking Lot Marking Services.

The Asphalt Patching and Speed Bump Installation Services were able to be completed during typical working hours, however; due to the high volume of weekday traffic and parking demand, the Sealcoating and Striping Services had to be completed over the weekend since large sections of parking would be inaccessible for extended periods time, roughly 24-hours. In addition to the “weekend only work request” by the client, they were also facing a fast approaching, hard deadline for project completion. As a result, The Surface Masters Project Team worked with the office park management staff to learn the property and tenant functionality and from that, developed an aggressive, non-intrusive project plan which included having the materials shipped to the project site and strategic weekend scheduling of multiple Sealing and Striping Crews. Consequently, the aggressive plan yielded a fully and beautifully executed project over a 2-weekend period (4 days), whereas; under normal industry conditions and productivity, this project would typically take 7-9 days for completion. Needless to say, the office park ownership and tenants were extremely satisfied with the process as well as the finished product!

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