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This Kroger parking lot was pushing 25 years old and was reaching the end of its life cycle. As a result, the asphalt was oxidized and brittle with liabilities present throughout the parking lot. The solution was to mill the existing asphalt down approximately 2” and pave back with 1” of PermaFlex and 1” of asphalt topping. The PermaFlex layer contains larger rock, liquid asphalt, and crack sealing material which seals all cracks and acts as a shield for the top layer of asphalt topping. This system is designed to be paved over older and cracked asphalt. Asphalt cracks expand and contract with the fluctuation of temperatures and if overlaid with asphalt topping, those cracks can reflect through the pavement surface quickly.

The PermaFlex Overlay System acts as a shield and retards the reflective cracking, thus prolonging the asphalt life. This shopping center experienced elevated levels of traffic throughout the later afternoon hours and as a result, the goal was to have each section completed and opened for traffic by the afternoon rush. Consequently, this project was divided into four separate phases and the milling was conducted at night, so the scheduled sections could be 100% complete and accessible by the afternoon rush. With the milling complete by the morning hours, paving began at roughly 8:00 a.m. each morning and was complete by the early afternoon hours. This allowed the Parking Lot Marking Crew to layout and stripe all newly paved areas and have the section opened for traffic by the afternoon rush. The Surface Masters’ Team takes the necessary time to get to know our client and property needs so we can organize and execute an effective project plan that caters to all involved.

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