About Us

The Surface Masters is a family owned and operated company with over 20 years industry experience which prides itself on quality work and loyal business practices that prioritize customer service and satisfaction. The Surface Masters team is comprised of skilled and responsible individuals with proper training who possess the necessary product knowledge required to get the job done correctly on schedule and within budget.

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Our Services

Our core business involves providing premium products and customer satisfaction in each of the following industries:

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From the Blog

How do potholes form?

Mar 25

How do potholes form?

Two things are necessary for potholes to form. First, water has to be able to reach the underlying soil, which […]

How often should I re-stripe my parking lot?

Mar 07

How often should I re-stripe my parkin...

There are several benefits to restriping a parking lot as part of a regular asphalt maintenance program. The first benefit […]