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Asphalt Overlay And Resurfacing - The Ideal And Cost-Effective Makeover

Asphalt Overlay And Resurfacing - The Ideal And Cost-Effective MakeoverIs your asphalt paving starting to show its age? If so, it might be time to invest in asphalt overlay and resurfacing!

Contrary to popular belief, asphalt doesn’t last forever. While it can look great for decades with proper care, there will come a time when cosmetic and structural integrity issues put your pavement well beyond repair. Asphalt overlays give you a cost-effective option to prolong the life of your pavement without the extremes of full-blown reconstruction.

What is Asphalt Overlay and Resurfacing?

Atlanta asphalt overlay and resurfacing is a fantastic way to give your pavement a like-new look without the high reconstruction costs. It involves reusing your existing foundation’s base layers while applying a new Atlanta overlay.

The overlay consists of new asphalt. It covers the older layers, making it look like you invested in brand-new pavement.

Atlanta resurfacing is a great investment for properties with older pavement. Over time, cracks and potholes can become a chronic issue. Even with frequent repairs, the age of the material can lead to a less-than-stellar look.

Asphalt resurfacing in Atlanta corrects those issues, reusing underlying layers while giving you a brand-new surface to drive on!

What Types of Issues Can Resurfacing in Atlanta Correct?

Atlanta asphalt overlay and resurfacing can dramatically improve the look of your pavement. However, it’s not a miracle fix for all issues.

Generally, contractors will recommend asphalt resurfacing when the overall structural integrity of the pavement is still high. It’s a great choice for addressing frequent cracks, sunken spots, raveling and other chronic damage caused by old age and oxidation. Most contractors will use Atlanta overlays to remove exposed top layers damaged by the elements, giving you fresh asphalt to protect.

Atlanta asphalt overlay will not benefit deeper issues. If your pavement has huge potholes, root damage, substantial moisture-related damage or structural integrity problems, it’s best to opt for more extensive reconstruction work.

When in doubt, contact a company that specializes in Atlanta overlays. They can assess your pavement to determine the best course of action for your needs.

What’s the Overlay and Resurfacing Process Like?

The asphalt overlay process is more complex than it looks. Because you have existing asphalt, teams must remove upper layers before the new Atlanta resurfacing can occur.

It all starts with a comprehensive cleaning. Contractors will rid the surface of dirt, debris and vegetation. From there, they can begin milling.

Milling machines prepare pavement for asphalt overlay. The equipment contains heavy-duty crushers that turn asphalt into small, easily removed aggregate. The depth of the milling machine will vary based on the extent of the damage.

After milling, contractors will clean the surface once more and apply a tack coat to prepare for the Atlanta asphalt overlay. The tack coat ensures a tight bond between the older pavement base layers and the new asphalt overlay.

Overlay consists of new asphalt. Teams apply it as if they’re doing new paving, compacting it to the right depth while achieving a matching elevation.

How Long Can New Asphalt Resurfacing Last?

The great thing about asphalt resurfacing is that it can extend the life of your pavement. All projects are different, but you can expect up to 12 more years of use from your pavement before you need reconstruction. Atlanta asphalt overlays offer a great way to save while making high-impact improvements that last.

Let The Surface Masters be your go-to source for asphalt resurfacing in Atlanta. We’re an award-winning and nationally recognized company specializing in Atlanta asphalt resurfacing. We proudly serve customers throughout the Atlanta area, and our expertise allows us to provide top-notch results on projects of all scopes.

We’re here to help you get pavement that lasts. In addition to Atlanta resurfacing, we do repairs, crack sealing, sealcoating, concrete curbing, paving markings and more.

Call The Surface Masters at (770)250-6392 to discuss your project and get a free quote. You can also reach us at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or use our online contact form to submit your information.

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