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Asphalt Paving Lot Resurfacing In 8 Simple Steps

Asphalt Paving Lot Resurfacing In 8 Simple StepsIs your asphalt paving starting to look worse for wear? Years of use and exposure can cause paving in a lot to succumb to major issues like potholes, deep cracks and more. While regular repairs and ongoing maintenance are important, pavement can reach a point where more extensive work is needed. Cue asphalt paving lot resurfacing service!

Paving lot resurfacing is a process that involves removing the old, damaged top layer of asphalt and replacing it with new material. It’s a cost-effective alternative to full-on pavement reconstruction, giving you many decades of continued use while giving your property an instant refresh.

Ever wonder what it takes to resurface asphalt paving in a lot? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect.

How Do I Begin Resurfacing the Paving in My Lot?

The first step is to contact professionals specializing in asphalt paving resurfacing. This service is complex and requires heavy machinery. It’s not a project you can DIY!

It’s important to contact seasoned contractors like The Surface Masters. Experts can assess the damage and determine if the asphalt paving on your property can benefit from resurfacing. Pavement can experience many forms of damage, and you need a thorough assessment to ensure you’re making the right choices for your property.

More extensive structural damage may call for full reconstruction and new asphalt paving. Reconstruction would only mask those problems for a few years. An experienced contractor will let you know if that’s the case for your property.

Does Asphalt Paving Lot Resurfacing Require Any Prep Work?

If contractors determine that paving lot resurfacing is the right move, teams can prepare your asphalt. The first thing they must do is rid your pavement of any debris. Asphalt paving in Atlanta can get filthy, and teams must ensure that surfaces are clean before getting into the grunt work.

Preparation usually involves power washing, weed removal and more. Cleaning ensures that debris and dirt don’t interfere with the equipment or find a way to get trapped beneath the new asphalt once paving lot resurfacing begins.

What If the Paving in My Lot Has Additional Structural Features?

Asphalt paving in Atlanta often has additional features for safety and ADA compliance. For example, parking lots typically have accessible curbs and speed bumps. After cleaning, teams will demolish those features.

Removal prepares the paving in your lot for milling equipment, ensuring maximum efficiency.

How Do Contractors Remove the Top Layer of Asphalt Paving in a Lot?

Here’s where the real transformation begins! After teams complete all the necessary prep work, they can start milling. Heavy compactor-like machines will grind away at the asphalt, leaving nothing behind but small chunks of asphalt paving.

The milling process is tedious. It can take a day or more, depending on the size of your lot. But it’s a crucial step in the asphalt paving resurfacing process that removes old, damaged pavement to make room for fresh asphalt.

What If the Foundation for My Asphalt Paving has Cracks?

After milling, teams can assess the deeper layers of asphalt and your pavement’s foundation. If necessary, they’ll make repairs to ensure maximum strength and resilience. The most common type of repair for Atlanta asphalt repair is crack filling. It’s a straightforward process that creates a smooth and uniform surface for the next phase of your project.

How Do Professionals Approach Lot Resurfacing?

Milling can remove several inches of your old Atlanta asphalt paving. Resurfacing brings the level back to match surrounding surfaces while giving your pavement a brand-new look.

Paving occurs in multiple steps. First, teams will apply a tack coat. The sticky substance affixes the new asphalt layer to your existing asphalt paving foundation.

Once ready, contractors can pour and compact a new coat of hot asphalt. Huge rollers will compact the material and achieve a smooth finish.

Does the New Asphalt Paving on My Lot Need to Cure?

Asphalt paving resurfacing isn’t as deep as brand-new construction. However, the material still needs time to cure. Typically, asphalt used for resurfacing needs several days of cure time.

In the meantime, the surface will be unusable. The curing period is integral to the long-term success of your resurfacing project. Technically, asphalt takes as long as six months to fully cure. But it only needs a few days until it’s ready for vehicle traffic.

Regular use will continue to compact the new asphalt as it cures over the next several months.

How Do Atlanta Paving Companies Finish the Project?

Sealing and striping are the last steps in your asphalt paving lot resurfacing project.

Striping occurs first, giving your parking lot, driveway or loading dock all the traffic markings it needs to stay organized and safe. Sealing comes later, up to 12 months after resurfacing. Sealcoating prolongs the life of your resurfaced pavement, providing several years of protection from the elements.

Asphalt paving resurfacing is a multistep process with a big payoff. Instead of footing the bill for full reconstruction and repaving, you can invest in resurfacing to use your pavement’s existing foundation while getting a like-new look. Let the experts at The Surface Masters help with all your resurfacing needs. We’re a nationally recognized asphalt company with over 12 years of experience serving commercial property owners throughout Atlanta.

We know how important the quality of your asphalt paving is to your property’s curb appeal and success. That’s why we work hard to put our best foot forward and deliver outstanding results! You can turn to The Surface Masters for resurfacing, new paving, repairs, crack sealing, concrete curbing, sealcoating, pavement markings and more.

Call The Surface Masters today to discuss your project and get a free quote. You can reach us by phone at (770)250-6392, via email at Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com or through our online contact form.

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