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At this year’s National Pavement Expo, The Surface Masters Inc. were named the 2022 Contractor Of The Year by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction. Founder and owner, Justin Meier accepted the highly coveted award, along with members of the management team. The Contractor Of The Year Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry where there are tens of thousands of eligible companies gunning for it on an annual basis. Being voted Contractor Of The Year singles out the awarded company as America’s #1 Paving Contractor. The award recognizes individuals and companies that have significantly impacted the pavement maintenance industry. To qualify for the Contractor Of The Year Award, a company must showcase professionalism, dedication to education, significant industry growth, scope and variety of projects, pursuit of excellence and development of employees, equipment, tools, and materials of the industry. 

At The Surface Masters, we are proud to provide top notch service to ensure high-quality, cost-effective and timely projects. Our firm is driven and dedicated to supporting our customers and industry through our quality work, commitment to customer service, safety, educational resources, and community outreach. We are extremely proud that our “Do it DIFFERENTLY vs. do it BETTER than our competitor” approach and mentality has had a positive affect and resulted in unprecedented growth, an unwavering company culture, a loyal customer base, an industry expert persona, and the overall maturation of our organization. Justin Meier, President and Founder states, “its been an incredibly humbling experience to be recognized as an industry leader, but the most rewarding thing is to see the hard work and commitment by our team get recognized as setting the industry standard!” 

The article detailing America’s #1 Paving Contractor can be read here.

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