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Asphalt pavements are strong enough to withstand a great deal of abuse from the weather and traffic. However, to maximize your pavement’s life and minimize your repair bills, you should be proactive about your asphalt maintenance. One of the most effective asphalt maintenance procedures is sealcoating, which is also extremely economical.

What Is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating companies prepare a liquid mixture of concentrated sealant, water, and sand. They then apply this mixture to an asphalt pavement with a sprayer, squeegee, or both. Typically, contractors apply two thin coats, allowing the first to dry before applying the second. They also allow the second coat to dry before they apply pavement markings or parking lot striping.

What Are Seven Relevant Facts About Asphalt Maintenance?

1. Sealcoating Atlanta pavements helps protect them against the harsh rays from the sun that make asphalt pavements brittle. UV rays steal the pavement’s moisture, and dry, brittle pavements are more prone to cracking. Asphalt sealcoating also helps prevent automotive fluids from softening the pavement and destroying the binder. This is a common cause of potholes.
2. Asphalt sealcoating offers cosmetic benefits. Exposure to the sun can leave asphalt pavements gray and unsightly. Atlanta sealcoating can prevent this color loss, but it can also return the pavement to its original color. Furthermore, coating can hide hairline cracks and other minor surface flaws.
3. Seal coating do not last indefinitely, so you will need a fresh application every two or three years. Pavement contractors consider your pavement’s age, use, and condition to recommend an appropriate interval between applications.
4. Asking your sealcoating company to apply fresh sealcoat periodically can save you a substantial amount of money. The procedure is quite economical, but it can save you much more than it costs by reducing your need for repairs.
5. Paving companies must keep a close eye on the weather to ensure that conditions are suitable. Asphalt contractors need temperatures of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and they prefer as little humidity as possible. There should also be a steady, light breeze, and there should be no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours.
6. This product cannot repair significant damage to a pavement. You must repair potholes, cracks larger than a human hair, and other pavement breaks prior to applying a sealcoat.
7. Sealcoating contractors must make sure that there is no dirt or debris on the pavement. Asphalt sealants must establish a strong bond with the pavement, so your contractor will need to clean your pavement thoroughly.

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