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There is an old saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Since your parking lot is often the first thing that people notice about your commercial property, it only makes sense to ensure that they form a favorable impression. A neglected parking lot can make you look unprofessional and uncaring, and visitors may consider it unsafe, burdensome to navigate, and inordinately confusing. A well-constructed, well-maintained asphalt parking lot can provide a welcoming haven for your visitors. However, there are five facts that commercial asphalt paving contractors know commercial property managers, and owners sometimes overlook that.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving

What Are Five Facts That an Asphalt Paving Company Knows About Commercial Paving?

There are many things that experienced contractors know about commercial paving projects, but the average property owner does not need to understand every detail involved in the engineering, design, and installation process. However, five things paving contractors wish more people understood about commercial asphalt paving.

1. Asphalt paving provides true value.
2. Asphalt pavement is eco-friendly.
3. Asphalt is the leading paving choice in the United States.
4. Asphalt pavements can last for many decades.
5. Cheap paving solutions can cost you more money in the long run.

Why Is Asphalt Paving an Excellent Value?

You will first experience significant savings when your asphalt pavement is installed. Concrete pavement can cost as much as twice the price of asphalt pavement of comparable size. Asphalt is also faster to install, and an asphalt pavement can be placed in use sooner. When you need a contractor to apply an asphalt crack filler or sealcoat your parking lot, the procedures will be economical and fast.

What Makes Asphalt Pavement an Eco-Friendly Option?

Asphalt pavement does not introduce contaminants into the water or soil, and asphalt is often used to line reservoirs that hold public drinking water. Every scrap of an asphalt pavement can be recycled, and as much 99% of it is reclaimed to produce new asphalt paving. Extensive recycling reduces the energy use of asphalt plants, lowering their carbon footprint. Reclamation also drastically reduces the need for new petroleum. As the most-reused material in the nation, asphalt pavement accounts for more recycled tons than the combined total of paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum products.

How Popular Is Asphalt in the United States?

You may have noticed that asphalt paving is extremely popular, but the actual statistics may surprise you. Approximately 97% of the nation’s highways, roads, and streets are asphalt. You will also find asphalt paving on up to 85% of the country’s airport runways and 90% of the nation’s parking lots.

Can Asphalt Pavements Really Last for Decades?

Asphalt roads handle more than 200 million vehicles annually, and many have lasted 35 years or longer with just minor maintenance. There are some stretches of interstate highways that have never had a major failure in more than 50 years. However, if you want your asphalt parking lot to have a long life, you should be proactive about your preventive maintenance. Many sealcoating contractors offer plans that combine crack repairs, sealcoating, and parking lot striping that can be extremely cost-effective and more convenient for you. Even if you have an older pavement that has been neglected, you might be able to have your contractor install an asphalt overlay to give you the performance and appearance of a reconstructed pavement at a fraction of the cost.

Why Might Cheap Paving Solutions Prove More Expensive in the Long Run?

Regardless of the type of paving services you need, the cheapest solutions may not be the wisest use of your money. For example, suppose an asphalt paving company lacks the right equipment to install your new pavement, chooses the wrong type of asphalt, or fails to construct a stable foundation. In that case, your new pavement will likely need major repairs within just a few years, and it may even need total reconstruction. Sealcoating contractors who cut corners in the preparation or application of a sealant can leave your pavement unprotected, making it more vulnerable to damage. Always make sure that you are dealing with an experienced contractor who has excellent references, a reputation for integrity and craftsmanship, and the staffing and equipment to complete your project successfully.

The Surface Masters would welcome the opportunity to help you with your paving needs. We are an experienced, well-respected company serving apartment complexes, health care facilities, homeowner associations, retailers, educational institutions, dining establishments, hotels, and other commercial clients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our paving services include asphalt repair, pavement marking and striping, sealcoating, asphalt paving, crack sealing, and concrete work. We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of every client on every project. We are known for our professionalism, exceptional craftsmanship, and cost-effective solutions. You can request a free quote by sending an email to info@thesurfacemasters.com, calling 770-250-6392, or submitting our online form.

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