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Most people in Georgia are familiar with how attractive, and smooth asphalt pavement can be. It is also very economical and fast to install, repair, and maintain. Unless you are in the paving industry, however, you might not know all of the steps that a Marietta asphalt paving company will take when installing this durable, versatile material.

What Are the Steps for Asphalt Pavement Installation?

How Does an Asphalt Paving Company Build a New Pavement?

When a contractor must install a pavement where none previously existed, he begins by examining the site. He determines the type of soil underneath the pavement to see whether soil amendments will be needed. He identifies obstacles that will need to be removed, including bushes, derelict buildings, and trees. After the site has been cleared, his crew will grade the site to ensure that the pavement will drain adequately. He will construct the subbase and compact it well. A binder layer will be installed on top of the subbase. This will be followed by the appropriate number of asphalt layers; each layer of asphalt will be compacted before installing the next. The top layer, known as the surface course, will be slightly smoother and more attractive. Your asphalt paving contractor will make sure that all transitions are even so that pedestrians will not trip over them, cyclists will not damage their bikes or be unseated, and drivers will not encounter any annoying bumps. The contractor completes the project with a final roll to ensure proper compaction and a smooth surface.

How Does a Marietta Asphalt Paving Contractor Rebuild an Asphalt Pavement?

Whether installing a new pavement or rebuilding an existing one, most of the steps are the same. However, the preliminary steps are slightly different. The contractor will need to demolish the existing pavement and have it hauled away. If necessary, he will rebuild or repair the base layers. The installation of the binder layer, the placement and compaction of the layers of asphalt and the surface course, the smoothing of transitions, and the final roll are the same as would be performed when installing a new pavement.

What Are the Steps for Installing an Asphalt Overlay?

An overlay can be a cost-effective way to add years to the life of an aging concrete or asphalt pavement. The first step is to clean the pavement thoroughly. If necessary, patching or other types of asphalt repair procedures will be performed. If the overlay is being installed over an asphalt pavement, the contractor can use a milling machine to remove the existing pavement to the desired depth. A tack coat may need to be applied to the existing pavement to ensure a strong bond with the overlay. The layers of asphalt are applied and compacted. The asphalt overlay may be milled to level the surface, smooth transitions, or eliminate low spots that could allow water to pool. The final roll completes the overlay installation process.

The Surface Masters Can Help

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