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An unbroken expanse of asphalt pavement is aesthetically appealing, so when your Atlanta paving contractor finished installing your new parking lot, you may have questioned whether striping and marking would detract from your curb appeal. Professionally applied stripes and pavement markings can actually provide additional curb appeal, but you may not be aware of the other benefits you could realize.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Atlanta, GA

Did You Know That Lot Striping and Pavement Markings Are Essential for Complying With the ADA?

Virtually every business in the United States must provide at least one accessible parking space to comply with the ADA. The ADA specifies the dimensions, location, and number of accessible spaces, but it also specifies how they are to be marked. Potential repercussions for failing to comply with the ADA include fines, lawsuits, and the loss of customers who require accessible parking. Experienced lot striping contractors can provide guidance on the current regulations to help ensure that your lot does not violate any laws.

Did You Know That Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Markings Enhance Safety?

You may be proactive about calling for a crack or pot hole repair to protect your pavement and eliminate tripping hazards, but you may not realize how much your pavement markings can contribute to the safety of all who enter your lot. Without guidance, drivers and pedestrians can be distracted while they are trying to determine where to go or how to park. This confusion can impact the safety of your parking lot. Fender-benders can be bad enough, but having a pedestrian or bicyclist struck by a vehicle can be more devastating. If people do not feel that they and their vehicles are safe in your parking lot, they may never return.

Did You Know That Professional Striping and Marking Can Help Eliminate Traffic Jams?

When drivers are forced to choose their own routes through your parking lot, it is likely that most of them will want to park as close as possible to your entrance. Typically, this results in congested areas that can tie up dozens of vehicles in an annoying traffic jam. Experienced striping and sealcoating contractors know how to make traffic flow as efficiently as possible through your lot.

Did You Know That Great Striping Helps Maximize Your Number of Parking Spaces?

Your asphalt paving company built your parking lot to encompass a finite number of square feet, but it is up to you to utilize that square footage in the most effective manner. If stripes are missing, damaged, or faded, drivers will not know where to park or the proper parking angle. Left to their own devices, they may park at various angles wherever they choose. Furthermore, they will probably take up more than the equivalent of one parking space because they are concerned about door dents from neighboring vehicles. One other thing you should consider is that the parking angle can have a direct bearing on the number of spaces you can provide, so be sure to discuss this with your striping contractor.

Did You Know Your Previous Striping Contractor Might Have Made Mistakes?

Not every striping contractor is attentive to details, has a highly trained crew, or owns the right equipment. Sometimes, mistakes are made. For example, your parking spaces may be too short for large SUVs, or they might be too narrow for customers to maneuver their shopping carts around their cars without encroaching on an adjacent space. Conversely, your contractor may have striped oversized spaces, reducing the number of parking stalls you can provide. New striping can be a cost-effective way to remedy any issues resulting from previous striping mistakes.

Did You Know That We Are More Than Just a Striping Contractor?

The Surface Masters is a highly regarded asphalt company that serves the greater Atlanta area with a variety of pavement-related services, including lot striping and pavement markings, sealcoating, crack sealing, asphalt paving and concrete installation, pot hole repair, and concrete repair. We are known for our integrity, the remarkable quality of our work, and our professionalism. Contact us for a free quote by calling 770-250-6392 or completing the online form.

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