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If you have ever watched a paving crew construct an asphalt paving project, the scene may have appeared disorganized or even chaotic. In reality, the entire process is a carefully planned operation involving a bevy of workers, an assortment of heavy equipment, and meticulously scheduled deliveries.

What Are the Initial Steps in a Paving Operation?

Asphalt paving companies start by preparing the site for the actual construction of the pavement. If the site features existing pavements or structures, they will be demolished and hauled away. If the site has never been developed, the paving company will remove unwanted trees and other vegetation to get a better idea of the terrain. Next, the paving contractor will evaluate the soil that will be under the pavement. If the soil is unacceptable, the asphalt company may amend the soil. Typically, when installing asphalt paving Atlanta contractors complete the site preparation by compacting the soil and grading the site.

What Are the Final Steps in a Paving Operation?

Once the site has been properly prepared, Atlanta asphalt paving companies typically begin the actual construction of the pavement. In most cases, the paving contractor will build a base from gravel, crushed stone, or rocks. The base needs to be stable and strong, so a layer of asphalt is normally applied on top of the base. Next, the asphalt company will begin building the pavement by installing multiple layers of asphalt, compacting each course before placing the asphalt for the next one. The final layer of asphalt is called the surface course, and asphalt paving companies make sure that this layer will deliver a quiet, smooth driving experience and be aesthetically appealing.

Is the Process the Same for Installing an Asphalt Overlay as It Is for a Paving Operation?

There are some critical differences between an asphalt overlay and a paving operation. Since overlays are placed on top of existing pavements, there is no need to clear or grade the site. Instead, Atlanta asphalt paving contractors typically grind away the top three inches or so of the existing asphalt through a method known as milling. Milling allows drains, transitions, and curbs to remain at their proper heights after the overlay is completed. After removing the milled particles, the pavement is cleaned, and the paving company normally installs a tack coat to ensure a strong bond between the overlay and the remaining pavement. The rest of the process is pretty much the same; multiple layers of asphalt are placed and compacted, including a surface course.

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