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America is known as a car-dependent nation with an excellent interstate system and millions of miles of paved roads. Therefore, many people are surprised to learn that at least a third of all American roads are unpaved, and some studies estimate the actual number exceeds 50%. The exact percentage changes from year to year; new unpaved roads are built, and some asphalt roads are deliberately allowed to revert to gravel or dirt. In many rural communities around Atlanta to pave or not is a decision that civic leaders are still debating.

What Are the Advantages Near Atlanta to Pave?

There are several advantages to having an Atlanta paving company install asphalt on private roads, parking lots, rural roads, or in suburban subdivisions.

1. Asphalt pavements are safer than gravel or dirt roads. Asphalt pavements provide better traction, especially in wet conditions.
2. Vehicles stir up a considerable amount of dust when traveling down dirt or gravel roads. The dust can infiltrate nearby businesses and homes, potentially exacerbating any respiratory problems that occupants may have.
3. Properties adjacent to unpaved roads tend to have lower property values than similar properties adjacent to asphalt roads. The dust is part of the reason, but the potential damage that unpaved roads can inflict on cars is also a consideration.
4. Paving Atlanta parking lots has become so commonplace that potential customers tend to avoid any business with an unpaved lot. Furthermore, you cannot apply parking lot striping to gravel or dirt, so the lot will be more challenging and less safe.
5. Rain tends to turn unpaved roads into quagmires that can strand drivers. Rain will usually leave potholes and ruts behind, posing safety hazards or making the road impassable. Furthermore, rain can wash gravel and sediment into drainage ditches, reducing their capacity and efficiency.
6. As experienced parking lot paving contractors know, the Americans with Disabilities Act covers unpaved lots. Accessible spaces are required, and they must conform to the specifications for accessible floor and ground surfaces. That is, access aisles and accessible spaced must have slip-resistant, firm, stable surfaces, and they must be properly marked. The standards even apply to temporary parking lots. It is much easier to comply with the ADA if you have an asphalt parking lot.

How Do Costs Affect the Decision in Communities Near Atlanta? 

Undoubtedly, many property owners and civic leaders consider what street and parking lot paving companies charge for constructing an asphalt pavement. The cost of asphalt paving in Atlanta is surprisingly economical. However, some people are concerned about the ongoing costs for asphalt repairs or parking lot repair.

1. The typical unpaved road is usually much more costly to maintain if more than 100 vehicles use the road per day. If the daily average is between 250 and 300 vehicles, a gravel or dirt road will be up to three times as expensive to maintain.
2. On low-traffic roads, studies show that there is not a significant difference between asphalt repair and maintenance costs and unpaved road maintenance and repair costs. Much of the cost related to unpaved roads involves frequent regrading as well as replenishment of gravel and dirt that has been lost.
3. When you consider the potential impact on safety, the environment, and the local economy, asphalt pavements are preferable in virtually every scenario. However, leaving a private road unpaved could be a cost-effective solution if it leads to just one or two vacation homes that are only visited a couple of times every year.

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