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The Barrow County Board of Education partnered with The Surface Masters for a 22-school Pavement Maintenance Program. The Asphalt Project needed to be completed during the short summer break in between school years to minimize disruption to the school system and its activities. The project scope consisted of an abundance of asphalt patching at each location, 80,000 feet of crack sealing, 2,500,000 square feet of sealcoating, and the re-layout and re-striping of all newly sealed and paved surfaces. The operations created a plan of action that modeled a “train-like” system. The Paving Crew was the initial team at each location to complete the needed asphalt patching a few weeks ahead to allow the newly placed asphalt the proper cure time. The Paving Crew was always trailed by a Crackseal Crew, who was then followed by a Sealcoating Crew with the Pavement Marking Crews acting as the caboose, or last train cart, being the final team on each project site. In the end, the Pavement Maintenance Program was completed over a 35-working day period which was structured around summer break, holidays, and extra-curricular activities.

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