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As the Heritage Walk neighborhood development neared completion, the roads throughout the community needed a refresh from the wear and tear experienced throughout the construction process prior to turning the management over to the HOA Board. The goal was to locate and replace any distressed asphalt in order to bring those areas up to par and on the same maintenance schedule as the rest of the sound pavement throughout the community. These areas were milled up to 3”, in some cases down to the existing base, and paved back with 2” of binder and 1” of topping. The areas were scheduled and completed in sections to help mitigate the inconvenience of milling and paving neighborhood roads as much as possible. The asphalt in each section was milled out in the morning and paved back with binder later that day so the sections could be reopened to traffic in the evening to allow resident traffic flow. The next morning our Paving Crew would apply the tack coat and then pave back with the asphalt topping which was then followed by our Parking Lot Marking Crew who put the finishing touches on with the new parking lines and markings. The sections were scheduled to be completed within a 2 day turn around before moving onto the next. Following the street refresh project, all of the roads throughout the community were back on a similar maintenance schedule and looking as fresh as ever!

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