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When you have an asphalt pavement, it is important to provide it with certain routine maintenance services. One such service is the timely repair of significant cracks to prevent structural damage from water penetration. Another extremely important service is the application of a sealcoat during the pavement’s first year of life, followed by fresh applications every 24 to 30 months. If you are wondering when the best time is in Atlanta for asphalt sealcoating, you may be surprised to learn that the answer is somewhat complex.

What Months Are Best in Atlanta for Asphalt Sealcoating?

If you go strictly by historical data, the best time for Atlanta asphalt sealcoating is roughly April 15 until October 15. That is when the weather conditions are typically the most conducive for sealcoating parking lot pavements. However, if you have lived in North Georgia for more than a few years, you know that weather conditions in the area can vary wildly from one year to the next. In some years, sealcoating companies are able to start work in late March, or they can continue working until sometime in November. The next year, however, contractors cannot begin seal coating operations until sometime in May, and they have to stop by the middle of October. Therefore, sealcoating contractors must monitor both the short-term and long-term forecasts to judge when they can schedule Atlanta asphalt sealcoating jobs.

What Weather Conditions Are Ideal in Atlanta for Asphalt Sealcoating?

The ideal conditions for sealcoating are defined by the companies that manufacture the sealcoats. Ideal conditions are a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a relative humidity level of 50% or less, and a wind speed of 3 mph to 5 mph. The Atlanta area may have a few days every year on which the conditions are ideal for sealcoating. Fortunately, sealcoat manufacturers also provide a list of acceptable conditions. Instead of waiting for ideal conditions, Atlanta asphalt sealcoating contractors must normally settle for acceptable conditions.

What Weather Conditions Are Acceptable in Atlanta for Asphalt Sealcoating?

This is where things get a bit more complicated. In order for sealcoating to cure, the water it contains must evaporate. Evaporation rates are influenced by temperature, humidity, wind, and sunlight. Seal coating manufacturers define what is acceptable for each individual influence. However, each of these individual factors can be influenced by the other factors. Therefore, it is up to the sealcoating contractors to decide whether the combination of factors will be acceptable. For example, an extremely high relative humidity could increase the minimum temperature required for sealcoating parking lot pavements. A steady breeze can help offset a high humidity level, or the minimum temperature may need to be higher if the day is partly cloudy.

1. The minimum acceptable temperature is between 50 degrees and 55 degrees. Until 24 hours have elapsed, the temperature should not fall much below the minimum.
2. The relative humidity must be below 90%, but manufacturers do not set a minimum humidity level.
3. The wind needs to be steady at a minimum of 3 mph. Contractors must exercise caution to avoid overspray if the winds are steady at more than 10 mph or gusting at more than 15 mph.
4. To cure, asphalt sealcoating needs a minimum of four hours of exposure to direct sunlight. If the day is partially cloudy, the humidity level is high, or the temperature is borderline, a longer exposure time may be necessary.
5. Asphalt sealcoating must be applied to a dry pavement. Furthermore, it must not be subjected to rain until at least 24 hours after the contractor completes the application.

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