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The most important person on any paving job is the contractor. Whether you need pavement repairs, routine maintenance, a new pavement constructed, or an old pavement rebuilt, you need a competent contractor. With so many contractors vying for your business, it can be challenging to identify candidates who are right for the type of work you need performed. Here are some tips to help you select the best Atlanta paving contractor for your job.

How Well Does the Atlanta Paving Contractor You Are Considering Communicate With You?

It is imperative that the contractor providing your paving services has the ability to communicate with you in a clear, professional manner. However, your contractor must also be willing to keep you in the loop throughout your project. Furthermore, they should not use confusing jargon, speak to you in a condescending manner, or simply shrug off your questions or concerns. When paving Atlanta properties, things can sometimes go wrong, and you should not be forced to learn about issues from a secondhand source. For example, an unexpected change in the weather could force a revision in your contractor’s schedule. You need to know this as soon as it happens so that you can make any necessary adjustments on your end.

What Do You Know About the Employees the Paving Company Will Send to Perform Your Work?

Paving contractors need to know everything about everything related to your job, so they need to be experts on the equipment, tools, products, and procedures. However, contractors are not the people who are actually doing the work. Exceptional contractors make sure that their Atlanta paving crews consist of well-trained, skilled, detail-oriented, safety-conscious professionals. Ask contractors you are considering how long their key crew members have worked for them as well as how much total experience each one has. Avoid contractors who rely on inexperienced day laborers, and look carefully at contractors who cannot seem to retain qualified employees.

What Type of Paving Services Do You Need?

You need to find a contractor who has experience in the precise work you need. For example, resurfacing an asphalt pavement requires different equipment, tools, and skills than installing a concrete residential driveway. Therefore, do not assume that an asphalt sealcoating contractor is the right choice build your new parking lot. However, keep in mind that many Atlanta paving professionals have extensive experience in installing and repairing both concrete and asphalt pavements.

Does the Atlanta Paving Contractor Own the Necessary Equipment for Your Job?

A paving company uses a wide variety of machines and tools to perform its work. For example, when installing an asphalt pavement, they generally need three different types of rolling machines for compaction, and milling machines are the workhorses on asphalt resurfacing projects. These machines cost a pretty penny, so contractors tend to ensure that they are properly maintained and promptly repaired. Contractors who do not own their equipment may rely on rental yards. Sometimes, this works out fine, but it is also possible that the rental company may not have the right machine available at the right time. It is also possible that rental equipment has been subjected to misuse or poor maintenance. Either way, your job could experience interruptions or delays if a rented machine is unavailable or breaks down in the middle of your work.

The Surface Masters Is the Atlanta Paving Contractor You Need

We are an award-winning, well-respected paving company serving clients in the Atlanta area. Our paving services include asphalt milling, concrete curbing, milling and reclamation, asphalt repairs, pavement markings, crack sealing, asphalt sealcoating, and concrete flatwork. We have an exemplary reputation that is based on our commitment to craftsmanship, service, and integrity. We offer free quotes, so contact us today. You can fill out our request form and submit it online, call our headquarters in Marietta at 770-250-6392, or send an email to Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com.

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