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This metro-Atlanta, Dollar General asphalt parking lot had reached the end of its life cycle with the existing asphalt surface exhibiting signs of subbase damage along with mass pavement failure throughout the lot. The scope of work consisted of 2,040 square yards of profile milling of the entire lot and paving back with 4″ of asphalt; removal and replacement of unsuitable subbase; ADA sign installation; and laying out and restriping the parking lot. Due to the constant store traffic, a project plan had to be developed to allow customer access to the parking lot and store at all times during operating hours. As a result, the existing asphalt was removed via milling in the overnight hours and then paved back the next day in sections to allow free-flowing customer access throughout the project. Following the paving, the Parking Lot Marking Crew installed the ADA signs and striped all markings in each section prior to the opening of the sections. This allowed each section to be 100% complete by the time it was made available to vehicle and customer traffic. 



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