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Asphalt contractors must consider many factors when they are hired to install a new pavement. They must determine the proper asphalt depth for the traffic that the pavement will bear, select the best asphalt mix for the job, and evaluate the site’s potential drainage issues. However, the most important factor that must be evaluated for asphalt paving is the ground on which the pavement will be built.

What Is the Most Crucial Factor for Asphalt Paving Installation?

How Does the Ground Affect an Asphalt Pavement Installation?

When contractors are hired to construct an asphalt pavement, they pay special attention to the soil on which the pavement will rest. An asphalt paving company knows that a pavement needs the support of a stable, strong foundation to withstand the stresses of traffic, repeated freeze/thaw cycles, and harsh UV rays. The bottom layer of the foundation is the ground, which is sometimes referred to as the subgrade. The asphalt company must be able to compact the subgrade to remove trapped air and make the soil as dense as possible. If the subgrade is inadequate, repairs will be more frequent and more expensive over the life of the pavement.

How Does an Asphalt Paving Company Handle Problems With the Soil?

There are several ways for a paving contractor to handle soil issues. Asphalt contractors base their choice on the specific problem, and they may use more than one technique to ensure the integrity of the subgrade.

• The contractor may be able to apply a binder over the compacted soil. Depending on the type of soil, the contractor could use lime, emulsified asphalt, or concrete as a binder.
• The contractor might install a subbase. Common materials for a subbase include crushed rock, sand, gravel, and quarry stone. If additional strength is needed, the contractor might install a binder over the subbase.
• The contractor may be able to handle the problem by designing and installing a modified base over the subbase. For example, the contractor might choose an aggregate that can be highly compacted, or the contractor might increase the base layer’s thickness.
• The contractor could remove more of the soil, then replace it with a more suitable type of soil. Typically, this option is only chosen if no other method will work, but it may be the only choice for exceptionally rocky soil or for soil with an extremely high level of clay.

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