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The Forsyth County School Systems contracted with The Surface Masters to provide Pavement Maintenance Services at North Forsyth High School. The Pavement Maintenance Project was conducted during the school’s summer break and included a Perma Flex Overlay in one of the parking lots, Crack Seal, Sealcoat, and Parking Lot Marking Services throughout the rest of the school’s pavement surfaces and parking lots. Although the project was conducted during the summer break, it still required precise planning and execution around the school’s extra-curricular activities that occurred everyday. The job was phased per service with the Paving Services being the first portion of the project, being completed in 1 day. The Maintenance Services then followed suit with the Crack Sealing taking 3 days for completion and the Sealcoating and Striping Services being divided up into 7 separate sections to allow school activities during its completion. All in all, the project comprised of 4,035 square yards (or 36,315 square feet) of Asphalt Paving, approximately 16,365 linear feet of Crack Sealing, and 385,000 square feet of Sealcoating and Line Marking Services. 

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