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Asphalt pavements offer a remarkable range of benefits, including an economical price, a rapid construction, and a safe, smooth surface. If properly maintained, an asphalt pavement can last for several decades before it must be rebuilt. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that asphalt is the leading paving material across the nation. If you are planning an asphalt paving project, you may already know that most contractors are willing to provide you with a free estimate. However, you may not be certain of how to evaluate the estimates that you collect to determine which contractor you should choose.

How Should I Evaluate Estimates From Different Asphalt Paving Contractors?

Whether you need an asphalt pavement overlay, are constructing a brand-new pavement, or need to have an existing pavement demolished and reconstructed, you want to evaluate the technical aspects of the estimate as well as the Atlanta paving company itself. It is easier to compare estimates if all of the asphalt companies in Atlanta you contact provide you with itemized estimates so that you can ensure that you are not comparing apples and oranges. Evaluating the contractors themselves can be a little more challenging, however.

What Details Should an Asphalt Paving Estimate Contain?

Every paving company’s estimate should clearly show the size and scope of the job. When estimating costs for paving Atlanta properties, most companies will list the depth of the asphalt, the square footage, and the tons of asphalt that will be needed to complete the job. Since there are several types of asphalt mixes available, the estimate should also show which type the contractor plans to install. If you are seeking estimates for an asphalt pavement overlay, the contractor should show a line item for milling the existing pavement even if the milling is included in the price of installation. Otherwise, an unscrupulous contractor could potentially claim that milling was never part of the quote. Every estimate should include the company’s permanent street address and phone number; the contractor’s email address and mobile phone number are nice to have as well. If the contractor does not include a list of references, you should request one so that you can contact them to learn more about the quality of the contractor’s work. You will also want proof of the company’s insurance, particularly its workers’ comp and general liability coverage.

How Do I Evaluate Paving Contractors?

Although experienced contractors can sometimes provide ballpark estimates online or over the phone, they need to visit the site to provide an accurate quote. They need to assess the topography, soil, access, and other features that could impact the cost of the job before committing to a price. In addition, the answers to the following questions can help you evaluate and compare the different contractors.

1. How much experience does the contractor have with Atlanta paving projects? There are some critical differences between sealcoating parking lots in Wyoming and paving Atlanta parking lots, so you want to make sure that the contractor understands the local conditions as well as the nature of the work.
2. How well does the contractor communicate with you? Good contractors can converse with you in a pleasant, professional manner. Great contractors will enthusiastically explain every step in your paving project without the excessive use of industry jargon.
3. Does the contractor ask about your plans and needs? Reputable contractors will want to know what you expect to gain from the project, and they will respect your opinions.
4. Can the contractor explain the reasoning behind any recommendations he makes? For example, contractors should be able to justify a recommendation to use a specific asphalt mix, especially if it will increase your costs.

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