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We successfully completed a major asphalt rehabilitation project at a busy Dollar Tree store. The project scope included milling 6 inches of existing pavement and replacing it with 4 inches of Binder and 2 inches of Topping asphalt layers. Additionally, we restriped the entire truck court area and incorporated 20% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Forta-Fiber into the asphalt mix.

To ensure minimal disruption to store operations, we meticulously planned and executed the project in two phases. Our goal was to maintain continuous access for customers while adhering to a strict timeline and stringent safety protocols.

In terms of quantities, we installed 3,820 tons of Binder and 1,900 tons of Topping asphalt. The project also involved applying 479 gallons of sealer and sealing 5,000 linear feet of cracks. Notably, we successfully laid 1,621 tons of binder in a single day for the 6-inch paving project, showcasing our efficiency and capability.

This project was particularly significant as it marked our first sealcoat job for this client and included the specialized use of Forta-Fiber in the asphalt mix. Our ability to meet these specific project requirements underscores our expertise in delivering quality workmanship in challenging retail environments.

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