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The owners of this industrial facility recently expanded their development with the buildout of an additional 85,000 SF industrial building adjacent to their current facility. Given the facilities were constructed roughly ten years apart, this put the two connecting parking lots on different life cycles, creating different maintenance programs for each asphalt asset. Consequently, the owners were reluctant to have the two asphalt parking lots on different budgets/programs each year. As a result, they decided to invest in bringing the original development’s parking lot condition up to par with the newly constructed parking lot of the new facility. Following a detailed inspection and core samples of the parking lot, it was deemed that, for the most part, the subbase and asphalt binder layers were structurally sound except for a few minor areas where the subbase was compromised. As a result, a scope was designed to conduct a 2.5”-4” surface mill of the entire lot, followed with full-depth patching in the areas where the subbase had failed and the compromised base material was removed and replaced, then paved back with a 2”-4” overlay of the entire parking lot. The depths varied depending on the area of the parking lot. It was a shipping facility, so the sides and rear of the parking lot were designed with a heavy duty spec to accommodate for tractor trailer traffic which deemed 4” of asphalt, whereas the parking areas at the front of the building were designed with a light duty spec which called for 2.5” of asphalt. The tenant’s schedule during the week was full of shipping requirements which made the lot very busy Monday through Thursday. On the contrary, the shipping schedules were virtually empty Friday through Sunday which made the parking lot very accessible for milling and paving on those days. With production and convenience in mind, we decided to complete the project over a two-weekend period conducting most of the milling in the evening and early morning hours while paving throughout the days. With this kind of execution, we were able to complete the job over a two-weekend period providing minimal disruption to the tenant’s operations. Given the project scope and execution plan, we were able to conveniently provide the services needed to bring the original development’s parking lot condition up to par with the newly paved adjacent lot, so the two asphalt surfaces are now on the same pavement maintenance program, per the owner’s request.

while ultimately providing the owner with a parking lot that meets the newly constructed.

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