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Why Is Asphalt Compaction An Important Step Of Pavement Installation?

Why Is Asphalt Compaction An Important Step Of Pavement Installation?Asphalt compaction is a critical part of the pavement installation process. Asphalt combines dry aggregates and bitumen, a sticky petroleum byproduct that acts as a binder. Atlanta asphalt companies combine and heat these materials to specific temperatures before creating paved surfaces like parking lots and driveways.

Compaction helps to promote a strong bond and directly impacts the overall strength of your asphalt pavement. Without asphalt compaction, the materials within your paved surfaces would separate and crumble. The compaction process ensures that the finished product has the density and strength to withstand heavy-duty traffic for decades.

What is Asphalt Compaction?

Simply put, compaction is a process that removes air from the mix to ensure that the aggregate and binders lock together. Mixes contain many dry and imperfectly shaped aggregates. The material doesn’t lock in naturally. Look at a pile of rocks, and you can see that countless air pockets sit between each piece.

Bitumen helps to fill those gaps, but it’s not enough to remove air completely. That’s what asphalt compaction is for. It improves the density of the pavement to make it tough enough to support thousands of pounds of weight every day. It also helps create the smooth, drivable surface your property needs.

Does Proper Compaction Help Prevent Damage?

The Atlanta asphalt company you hire will also use compaction to prevent future fatigue-related damage. Many factors contribute to the overall strength of asphalt. Its thickness and the quality of the subgrade below make a difference. However, air-filled voids in the pavement create several possible points of failure.

The surface can look tough on the surface. But the pavement becomes inherently weaker with many small air pockets sitting within it. Those voids might be small, but the lack of density adds up and significantly increases the chances of critical failure. That could result in potholes, cracks and more.

An experienced asphalt company will compact the material to improve the pavement’s density, giving it the strength it needs to last.

Will an Atlanta Asphalt Company Use Compaction to Protect Pavement from Moisture Damage?

Another reason why Atlanta asphalt companies focus so much on compaction is because it can help mitigate moisture-related damage. Air pockets within poorly compacted asphalt can connect, creating tunnels that allow water to permeate the material.

Water is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies, and water penetration through those voids can degrade the asphalt. It will weaken, resulting in potholes, raveling, low spots and more. Compaction from a seasoned asphalt company eliminates the voids, giving water fewer chances to enter.

What Tools Do Atlanta Asphalt Companies Utilize for Compaction During Pavement Installation?

Atlanta asphalt companies use two tools to improve density and create a smooth surface. The first is a paver screed. Screeds provide preliminary compaction and can improve the pavement’s load-bearing capacity.

After screeding, your Atlanta asphalt company will use enormous steel-wheeled rollers. These machines offer superior compaction and give the pavement its smooth finish.

Compaction is a meticulous process. Atlanta asphalt companies will fine-tune everything from the speed of rollers to the number of passes they perform to achieve the target density.

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