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Seven Essential Atlanta Asphalt Paving Tips That Show Quality

Seven Essential Atlanta Asphalt Paving Tips That Show QualityAsphalt is the perfect paving material for virtually all types of pavements in Atlanta. Compared to concrete, asphalt pavements are less expensive and faster to construct, and an asphalt pavement can serve you well for up to 30 years or even longer. If you are considering an Atlanta asphalt paving project, there are seven things that can reveal that you will receive high-quality work. They involve your contractor, site preparation, the contractor’s equipment, the staff members working on your project, the attitude about safety, the scheduling of the asphalt, and the coordination of tasks.

What Role Does the Contractor Play in the Quality of an Atlanta Asphalt Paving Project?

Without a doubt, the asphalt paving company you choose will have the greatest bearing on the quality of your project. Asphalt paving contractors must wear many different hats on every project. Some of their numerous tasks include the site evaluation, pavement design, crew assignment, equipment preparation, and scheduling. Although it is not a universal truth, the best asphalt companies have representatives who are respectful, easy to reach, knowledgeable, and excellent communicators. Disinterested, rude, or distracted contractors could indicate that they are overwhelmed or stressed, either of which could affect the outcome of your project.

What Does Site Preparation for an Atlanta Asphalt Paving Project Entail?

The site preparation tasks needed can vary a great deal between projects. For example, existing structures or pavements may need to be demolished, or undeveloped land may need to be cleared of unwanted trees and other vegetation. However, at the bare minimum, your asphalt company will need to evaluate the soil, address any drainage issues, grade the site, and compact the subgrade. A high-quality pavement depends on a stable, level base so that it will also be stable and level.

How Does the Contractor’s Equipment Affect the Quality of an Asphalt Paving Project?

Well-established asphalt paving companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a single piece of heavy equipment. Thus, contractors tend to make sure that they protect these sizable investments through proper maintenance. Well-maintained machines are less likely to break down in the middle of your paving project, which could lead to delays that prevent your contractor from finishing on time. You may not have access to the contractor’s maintenance records, but the machines should be clean, start easily, and sound strong.

What Is the Importance of the Staff Members an Asphalt Company Assigns to Your Paving Project?

The importance of the people performing the actual work on your project is second only to the contractor. Every staff member should appear alert, focused, and knowledgeable about their tasks. This applies to everyone, including project managers, equipment operators, crew supervisors, and laborers. If people seem to be directionless or confused, your project could suffer.

What Is the Connection Between Safety and a High-Quality Atlanta Asphalt Paving Project?

Good safety cultures begin with the owners of asphalt paving companies, then extend through the ranks to even the newest worker. When asphalt companies emphasize a safe work environment, they send a strong message to their employees that their well-being is important to the company. In turn, employees feel more valued, so they tend to go the extra mile to do their jobs well. Furthermore, with a proper emphasis on safety, everyone who works for your asphalt company will seek to protect each other, your employees, your property, and anyone else who draws near to the work area. This could potentially avert accidents that could disrupt or delay your project.

How Does the Scheduling of Asphalt Trucks Affect the Outcome of a Paving Project?

High-quality pavements require the asphalt to be spread and compacted while it is still hot. Asphalt contractors must use the just-in-time method to schedule deliveries so that crews are ready to unload the trucks within minutes of their arrival. If the asphalt cools too much, the best you can hope for is a lumpy, uneven, weak, unsightly pavement.

What Does the Coordination of Tasks Mean for Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

An asphalt paving site is a beehive of activity that some people have likened to an intricately choreographed dance. The distance between the paver and the roller, the actions of the crew members raking the asphalt, and various other tasks must be carefully coordinated. In a sense, it is all about spreading, working, and compacting the asphalt efficiently to prevent it from losing too much heat.

Where Can I Learn More About Asphalt Paving in Atlanta?

The Surface Masters is an award-winning asphalt paving company serving Atlanta and surrounding communities. In addition to asphalt paving, we offer asphalt repairs, milling and reclamation, asphalt sealcoating, pavement markings, concrete curbing, and crack sealing. We have an impeccable reputation for integrity, craftsmanship, and service. To request a free quote, call our office in Marietta at 770-250-6392, send an email to Info@TheSurfaceMasters.com, or fill out our online form.

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